Emotion AI and Emotion Recognition: Confirmit / Affectiva Partnership

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Emotions influence every aspect of our lives - from the way we work and play to the decisions we make, big and small. Yet, in a digital world full of smart and hyper-connected devices, emotions are too often missing. The simple fact of business is: emotions drive spending and loyalty. For organizations running Market Research or Voice of the Customer programs, emotion recognition technology can prove to be a powerful complement to traditional surveys, allowing organizations to analyze emotional reactions at the point of experience – delivering a deeper understanding of behavioral patterns and likely future action.



The Confirmit / Affectiva Combination

To support our customers’ need for more sophisticated, detailed and personal behavioral analytics, Confirmit has partnered with Affectiva, an MIT Media Lab spin-off. A pioneer in emotion recognition technology, the next frontier in artificial intelligence, Affectiva brings emotional intelligence to the digital world, enabling people to interact with technology and each other in a more natural way. Affectiva’s facial emotion recognition technology is the perfect complement to Confirmit’s existing data collection methods and promises to deliver greater insight to Market Research (MR) organizations and Voice of the Customer programs seeking to gain a deeper understanding of consumer opinions. Overall, researchers will find that facial recognition is a highly accurate way to measure unconscious responses, providing an unbiased view of consumer reactions.

Affectiva’s emotion-recognition technology can be embedded in Confirmit surveys to enhance any MR or Voice of the Customer program by measuring a respondent’s reaction to videos. During a Confirmit Horizon’s survey, respondents are seamlessly transferred to the Affectiva platform for the facial emotion recognition portion of the research. After the program has collected emotion data, users can view the results on Affectiva’s dashboard. Affectiva has the world’s largest database of emotional responses with more than 4 million faces analyzed in 75 countries across a range of videos, and the most accurate norms to benchmark the effectiveness of your videos by geography, product category and media length. Confirmit survey response data can then be combined with the Affectiva facial emotional response data providing the context of other important factors such as gender or other demographics

How Can it Help My Business?

The partnership between Confirmit and Affectiva answers the need for research organizations to add detailed and personal behavioral analytics to complement their existing data collection efforts and extract deeper insight from research surveys. Facial expression recognition technology is an ideal solution, delivering a level of insight about personal sentiments and reactions that cannot be gained through other research methods alone. Emotional recognition technology can help you:

  • Improve your A/B ad concept testing 
  • Benchmark in-market campaigns 
  • Predict loyalty
  • Determine audience understanding 
  • Quantify attention, engagement, and emotion 

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