Customer Experience Predictions Report: 2020

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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As CX becomes mission critical, brands reveal how they are addressing rising customer expectations.

The annual Customer Experience Predictions report helps CX practitioners plan ahead as they position their businesses to exceed the ever-changing expectations of their customers.



Based on primary research and in-depth conversations with CX Leaders, including Confirmit’s Claire Sporton, the report presents insight on the elements that are shaping customer expectations for 2020 and presents eight predictions on how the customer experience arena will mature over the next 12 months.

Research from 2019, suggested that one moment of inconvenience could be enough to trigger customers to switch from your business to a competitor brand. In 2020, what do CX practitioners need to change to stop their customers jumping ship?

Good CX takes investment but how do you get it? Confirmit predicts that there will be increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI for CX investments, but evidence suggests that the proof isn’t always forthcoming. So, what to do? We believe there are three key factors that you need to elevate customer experience to a catalyst for action.


  • CX needs to speak with a single voice. One that can be heard clearly across the business.
  • Utilizing the right technology to capture, analyze and share insights is fundamental. Empower people across the company to make better decisions every day.
  • Find out what decisions you are enabling and map them back to reduced costs, increased revenue and retention, and improved employee engagement.


In our research, we found four key areas that are most effective in identifying ROI: reduced complaints, lower customer churn, increased spend and more new customers. It is not just about improving the customer experience, but about identifying root causes of problems and solving them.

Brands need to retain and attract customers by deploying strategies that blend a fine balance of elements: speed and precision, macro and micro views, personalization and humanization of digital experiences. Download the report to find out the 7 other predictions that explain these strategies so you can position your business for CX success in 2020.

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