Case Study: Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific: A customer journey case study

“We use Confirmit to create a single-view platform that collects every piece of feedback a customer gives us, whether it comes from a complaint, one of our surveys, social media or comments they might make at a hotel,” 

Bayley Clark, Senior Director, Customer Delivery, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific



With more than 2,000 staff and a network of over 32 resorts across Asia Pacific, the region’s largest vacation ownership business required more than just ‘gut feel’ and intermittent feedback to make certain every aspect of the business was concentrating on the comfort of their customers.

Since its inception in 2015, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific’s dedicated Customer Experience team has won many accolades for its customer-focused innovation.

Customer Hub, a tailored Voice of the Customer program built on the Confirmit Horizons platform, has empowered the CX team to find the true voice of their customers and inspire customer-led transformation programs.

For the CX team, being able to capture feedback at both a strategic relationship level (Net Promoter Score®) and at tactical and operational touchpoints throughout the customer journey was crucial. Advanced analytical features to uncover richer insights so that management could make smarter decisions and respond rapidly to issues were likewise essential.

Only Confirmit Horizons had the advanced survey design features, customizable dashboards, and action management capabilities necessary, as well as the flexibility to tailor the program specifically to Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific’s requirements.

Download this case study to learn how, by implementing Confirmit’s world-class Customer Experience solutions, within the first year of operation, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific saw:

  • Guest satisfaction rise 6.6 percent;
  • Significantly fewer complaints with up to 87 percent year-on-year reduction in some customer touchpoints;
  • An 8 percent reduction in escalated resort complaints and a 13 percent reduction in retention costs month-on-month for every one percent increase in resort satisfaction;
  • An average response rate from surveys sent to the full customer list of a record 27 percent.