LGIAsuper: Super fund soars as it bonds with its members

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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LGIAsuper Case Study: Super fund soars as its bonds with its members

Australia’s superannuation industry has undergone significant change in recent years amid mounting competition and increased regulatory pressures that have triggered a huge shift in power away from funds towards their members.



In this new hotly contested market, where members can switch super funds as easily as swapping mobile phone providers, LGIAsuper recognized the opportunity to stand out as a caring organization renowned for dependability. For the company, it was critical that interactions with customers were recorded, listened to and acted on swiftly and effectively.

LGIAsuper looked for a partner who could meet all these criteria and enable its ‘Voice of the Customer’ program to evolve and grow over time. That partner was Confirmit.

Working with Confirmit, LGIAsuper was able to integrate its VoC program, run using Confirmit Horizons, directly with its existing Salesforce system using the Confirmit CRM Connector for Salesforce. LGIAsuper employees can now see, and act on, customer feedback without leaving their familiar Salesforce CRM environment, saving time and ensuring everyone is on top of all the latest customer data.

In this case study you’ll how LGIAsuper was able to harness the Voice of the Customer to:

  • Connect CRM data in Salesforce with customer feedback to deliver a clear view of the customer experience
  • Use tailored dashboards, providing the right information to the right people at the right time, through Confirmit Active Dashboards
  • Boost customer satisfaction within weeks of implementing the new Voice of the Member solution in the call center