RBUP: Innovating child mental health services through research

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RBUP Case Study: Innovating child mental health services through unique research approaches

Voice of the Customer programs come in many guises. Customers are not just purchasers of products; often, they are users and recipients of services, many of which are not paid for but which deliver essential support at times of need. It is perhaps here, then, that the Voice of the Customer (VoC) needs to be listened to most carefully, a view supported by Norway’s Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (RBUP).



RBUP works to improve the quality of mental health services for children and youth in Eastern and Southern Norway. The organization combines the expertise of researchers and a research support team to develop data collection and feedback systems that drive innovation for education programs and services across the child welfare system, district services and schools.

All systems are built using the Confirmit Horizons platform, which gives RBUP’s research team the scale and flexibility needed to develop multiple programs within tight budget restrictions. The team also had to focus strongly on the importance of security due to the highly sensitive nature of the data they collect.

RBUP has harnessed the comprehensive data collection and reporting capabilities of the platform to support its activities in two ways.

The first is as a ‘traditional’ survey tool, covering multiple languages and multiple touchpoints. Surveys are used across a wide range of mental health programs.

The second is as a comprehensive feedback system within the services themselves. This allows information to be gathered about how well the service is performing as a whole, as well as delivering individual feedback to the psychologists, therapists and other care-givers involved.

"In our sector, innovation can range from small adjustments in working processes, to testing out organization-wide changes, to trialing a new treatment program. Big change often starts small – we see proof of that every day, which is why our VoC program is invaluable in identifying even the tiniest opportunities for improvement.” - Annette Jeneson, Director of Research Support at RBUP

In this case study, you’ll learn how the RBUP team has created innovative research techniques to put a highly tailored Voice of the Customer program into action. For example:

  • In 2017, systems for five research projects performed 90,000 automated tasks, maximizing limited budgets and enabling researchers to focus on core areas of expertise.
  • Integration of feedback systems into the single Confirmit Horizons platform allows for faster delivery of new service solutions.
  • Solid, successful programs drive expansion of existing projects and the ability to win new research grants – supporting more young people with mental health challenges.