Advanced & Predictive CX Analytics: Build a Better Customer Experience

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Advanced and Predictive Analytics for Better Customer Experiences

The whole point of advanced analytics is to tell a story that incites change in an organization from the top down. Executives have long relied on basic analytics to keep score and see where the business was tracking via key performance indicators (KPIs), but advanced analytics offers so much more. In this month’s installment of our Best Practices Series, you will find a primer on the power of advanced and predictive analytics to prove the why and how behind the data. It demonstrates how customer experience analytics can provide statistically relevant recommendations for next best actions, as well as predictions of what will occur in the future based on the business decisions you make today.



CX Analytics represents an often misunderstood, rarely optimized discipline, but it does hold the key to a truly holistic view of your customers. Not only what they say, but what they do, why they behave a certain way, what they will buy...

Analytics, in general, is about understanding data, deriving insights based on this data in order to achieve a specific purpose. When it comes to CX Analytics, this purpose is to understand customers better and the experience you as a brand deliver to these customers. When done right, CX Analytics empowers you to go beyond graphs and charts, and actually tell a story. The story that will convince the right people in your organization to do things differently, to advocate on behalf of the customer, and ultimately to drive better business results.

How do we define Customer Experience Analytics?

The following article focuses on three distinct areas: 

  • Basic analytics provides a general overview of your data
  • Advanced analytics dives deeper and helps you understand the “why” and “how” behind the data
  • Predictive Analytics goes even further and provides data driven, statistically qualified predictions about the future.

Learn more about the power of CX analytics.

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