Highly Effective Customer Strategies - Act Less, Act More

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Confirmit Team

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Highly Effective Customer Experience Strategies

Customer experience (CX) professionals always want to know more. It’s in our nature. What are customers thinking? What do they want more of? Did they like our staff? Were they disappointed? The list of questions can get out of hand quickly. With attention spans short and too many surveys for customers to respond to, we need to reign ourselves in a bit and look at what we already have right in front of our noses.



The need to act upon available data can sometimes get lost in new digital innovations and a steady stream of more data rolling in. Organizations that are looking to improve the customer experience oftentimes get too wrapped up in the technical side of it – focusing heavily on shiny new technologies, while constantly pushing out new surveys and collecting more data. However, it’s important that businesses leverage the already data available to them, rather than wasting customers’ time and good will to collect more. To do this, organizations must act on the data available and make sure they close the loop, getting back to customers to show they’re really listening.

Grab a pen and make a note. What data do you already have? Contact center records, emails, complaints processes, CRM databases….do you NEED more? Sure? Don’t ask questions already have the information. And certainly don’t ask if you won’t be acting on it.

Here are three areas to focus on as you work to ensure that your CX program makes the most of the data available.

-          Act on Available Data, then Close the Loop

-          Use Words, not Numbers

-          What Next? Keep looking for new innovations