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Confirmit Team

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Last month I presented a webinar titled “Too Much Data? Time to Untangle the Web” (you can watch it on-demand here if you missed it). During the session, we wanted to get a sense of where our audience stood in terms of their own CX data, so we asked two questions of all those attending.

  1. How much CX data does your business have available?
  2. To what extent is your CX data used?

53 people answered both questions, allowing us to see how the subjects plotted relative to one another. You can see the results in the chart below.

It was interesting to see the results from our webinar audience backed up the anecdotal evidence I’ve heard as I speak to CX professionals around the industry. The main upshot is there seems to be more data available than companies are able to use. While we covered the reasons for this on the webinar, I thought it would useful to recap here;

  • Many touchpoints to collect data – both solicited and unsolicited
  • Complex customer journeys managed across multiple organizational silos

In terms of using the data, there is often no single owner with control of all the pieces needed – either organizing the collection of, or the management and linkage efforts to drive, a ROI. As such, usage of the data is less prevalent.

This leaves a huge amount of insight “on the table” as companies fail to capitalize on what’s available to them. Perhaps more importantly in terms of the long-term support for Voice of the Customer programs, failure to use the data to demonstrate ROI may mean that in lean times, senior backing of the customer experience may waver.

It is easier to collect than use. This must change.