Confirmit Mobile Survey Apps for Offline Data Collection

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Confirmit AskMe survey software allows respondents to provide feedback from their mobile devices from any location and even offline

Confirmit Apps

Confirmit offers two apps for offline data capture: Confirmit AskMe and Confirmit CAPI.

logo-askmev2.pngConfirmit AskMe



The full power of the Horizons’ survey engine is now available on Android and iOS. Confirmit AskMe makes answering surveys quicker and easier than ever, and is supported by the power of Confirmit Horizons™, the world’s leading technology for multi-channel feedback and research. Confirmit AskMe can be used by any type of customer which has respondents or consumers with limited connectivity or with the need to complete a survey over a period of time.

This can include:

  • Market Researchers- running mystery shopping, retail audit or diary study projects. Respondents can then access the survey multiple times – and in areas in the field with little or no internet connectivity.
  • Voice of the Customer- ability to increase response rates by offering offline survey completion. This could be an in-store offline survey, where customers can fill in the survey before leaving the store or branch, whether they made a purchase or not. It can also be used for reaching contacts who are frequently offline due to their travel schedules or working environment.
  • Voice of the Employee- where employees may be keen to get home at the end of the day, but fill in the survey on the train home or during their lunch hour. Confirmit AskMe can also be used to distribute surveys to employees with limited access to company email as the survey can be downloaded to company tablets.


logo-askmev2.pngConfirmit CAPI

Confirmit CAPI is a mobile app that enables leading enterprises and Market Research agencies to capture in-the-moment feedback from respondents regardless of their location, providing unbeatable insights into their experiences.

As well as providing an immediate channel for standard survey questions, Confirmit CAPI provides a streamlined approach which enables respondents to provide rich media files, including audio, photo and video clips, regardless of whether they’re on or offline. GPS data means that you can get a clearer picture than ever before about where your customers and respondents are, creating incredibly deep insight.

This fact sheet highlights the key uses of Confirmit AskMe and Confirmit CAPI, including:

  • Interviews and retail audits
  • Diaries and ethnographies that capture insights about day-to-day activities of consumers
  • Consumer panels that maximize engagement by enabling panelists to participate on the move
  • Voice of the Customer programs that enable customers to engage with your brand via an interactive app.
  • Voice of the Employee programs that mean your front-line staff can comment directly on their own experiences and those of your customers.

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