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Edgars Dzenuska

Edgars Dzenuska

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International Customer Service Director, Visma Group

Author Bio

It all started two years ago when we encountered a higher amount of churning and unsatisfied customers. New sales were lagging and customers were switching to competitors’ products. It looked like our pricing model was not competitive enough, and we needed to understand which features our existing and potential customers are willing to pay for and appreciate the most. To find out exactly what was wrong and understand how to turn this around, relevant stakeholders together mapped the entire customer journey of an EasyCruit customer, to identify potential pain points and areas for improvement.

Based on the findings from the customer journey mapping, we came up with a plan to set up a process on how to gather, structure and organize customer feedback in ways that provide insights to take actions on for the Customer Success Manager and Product & Development. Some of the insights and feedback needed to be channeled to other stakeholders in the customer value chain to ensure that the right owners could take the right actions.

We implemented Product NPS inside the system to receive feedback from our end users. The feedback is shared internally through communication channels so for example, our UX designer can view the pNPS feedback related to the design of the system. Through this feedback channel, we receive insight to structure the roadmap by realizing what needs to be prioritized based on the feedback. The support team closely monitors support cases and feedback from support satisfaction surveys (Transaction NPS) to identify customer delights and pain points. And at the same time, the Customer Success Managers collect what they have heard from the customers in a structured way. By doing this we can combine the feedback as well as compare the feedback between the different countries. A CSM could also submit a change request or raise the priority of specific product incidents based on customer feedback.

Once a month, we have a Voice of the Customer meeting where relevant stakeholders share their insight about customer experience over the last month. After discussing the feedback, the participants agree on specific actions and assign them to the right owners. The actions are then closely monitored to ensure they are closed in the agreed timelines.

“I would say that Voice of the Customer is a very important forum because this is an excellent opportunity to share information from customers and discuss possibilities to enable customer success and development that is needed to make our customers more efficient and happy about our solutions.” - Sophie Cronberg, Customer Success Management, Sweden.

To inform the customers about new features and how to use EasyCruit more effectively, the team started broadcasting regular video interviews called “Coffee Club”, where two experts in the product team share news about the product, discuss best practices and test new cool features. Another activity we have started with to be able to gain even more insight is an Exit survey. The Exit survey is a form that the Customer Success Managers use during their last call or meeting with the customers to try and get a better understanding of the reasons why they are leaving us and what we could have done better.

In addition to the obvious benefits of making a customer journey mapping and summarizing all the relevant customer feedback, the process has demonstrated to all the product stakeholders, how much value there is in listening closely to the customers’ needs. By regularly channeling the feedback to all the stakeholders, the product and processes are tailored to customers’ expectations, leading to remarkable business results. The way our customers perceive the product features and our processes often differ significantly from what we believe internally! Realizing this truth early on and putting it to good use can make all the difference.

Visma delivers software that simplifies and digitizes core business processes in the private and public sector, e.g payroll, HRM, recruitment, and accounting. With presence across the entire Nordic region along with Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, we are one of Europe’s leading software companies. One of our products - Visma EasyCruit simplifies and optimizes the recruitment process. With the use of EasyCruit, the time to hire will be shortened thanks to simplified workflows, job templates, automatic e-mail responses and bulk processing of candidates. You can rank candidates on your tailored application questions and scorings, including third-party test providers and most important, it is easy to use!

Note: Visma were named a winner in the 2020 Confirmit ACE Awards. For the full list of winners, see our press release.