Getting to the Heart of CX in Pharmaceuticals

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Author Bio

One of the industries that’s really started to embrace Customer Experience in recent years is the pharmaceutical market. Many pharma businesses have an interesting, not to say complex, relationship with clients, with many of them being B2B companies who also engage with end customers as part of their marketing strategy.

This was one of many topics discussed at a recent round table Confirmit held with CX professionals from some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical organizations, including Novo Nordisk, Envigo and Quest Diagnostics. The session took place at the fabulous Tre Piani restaurants (because we know the best conversations are fueled by great food!) in Princeton, NJ and we had a couple of our CX consultants, Brad Linville and Chris Brown helping to facilitate things.

As we found with our recent Insurance Summit, there was a real sense of comradery among peers, despite our participants working for companies who often compete with each other. It’s a testament to the commitment of CX pros that they are able to come together to talk best practice and big challenges in settings such as this.

One topic that raised a lot of discussion was around executive support and being able to use CX to change corporate culture when that support is available. Rachel Buckley (Vice President, Customer Experience) of Envigo had some great insight to share about how commited the Executive Commitee was to CX and how that had been the start of her CX journey. In her newly-created role over the 18 months, she has built a team, CX program and began to influence the culture and processes and how employees engage with customers. Envigo’s next focus is proving Return on Investment through driving up customer sentiment and loyalty. Rachel defined the process as an “education journey” and suspects they will need to fasten their seat belts!

Another success story was shared by Jeff Heintz of Novo Nordisk whose priority is to adopt CX across departments and quantify what is happening with customers over time. Using Confirmit Horizons, Novo is now able to measure the impact of Customer Effort Score and Net Promotor Score® over time. Jeff believes that Novo Nordisk has focus on care that surpasses other industries.

Of course, there was much more discussed, and much of it was relevant to many industries beyond pharma. The challenges of getting a program off the ground, demonstrating ROI and securing engagement from across the business are certainly not unique to any particular marketplace. But by coming together to talk honestly and enthusiastically about the steps that work (and those that don’t!) our guests were able to go back to their teams with some new ideas to try, and an expanded network of colleagues to share their experiences with.

If you’d like to know more about the role CX can have in driving pharma businesses forward, you can take a look at our eBook which is available here. Or, to learn when and where we’ll be running other events that you can get involved in, check out our events page. Two things are guaranteed at our events – great conversations and excellent food!