Shaking up Your CX Program at Confirmit’s 5th Annual Insurance Summit

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Author Bio

Last month we held our 5th Annual Insurance Summit in New York where the overall theme was rejuvenating your Customer Experience (CX) program. This is one of our flagship events and it gets better every year. We were very excited to host it for the 5th year in a row.

We had a great lineup of speakers that shared their views and experiences on a variety of topics. Starting us off was Confirmit’s SVP of Sales, Greg Rich, as he welcomed the full room of Insurance clients, prospects, executives and ACE Award winners. Kicking off the featured presentations was Claire Sporton, SVP of CX Innovation at Confirmit and she shared the role trust plays in insurance. Claire shared a simple concept when it comes to insurance organizations – will my insurance company be there for me if and when I need it? Tying it back to the event theme, Claire shared the pivotal role of CX in building trust and the implications for CX teams working in the complex world of insurance.

Following Claire, we welcomed back Sarah Day, Sr. Director of Customer Experience at Asurion. Sarah has been on client panels at previous Confirmit events but we were very excited to welcome her this year as a featured speaker. Sarah’s presentation was focused on a very important topic – the data lake and combining customer and operational data to maximize CX impact. Asurion prides itself in delivering the best in class customer experience to its subscribers. Sarah shared three mini case studies, findings and results from marrying customer voice with operational metrics. She shared details that bridged the gap between consumer and operator, puts CX in the conversation with key internal stakeholders, and works to highlight those win-win moments when full potential can be achieved.

A unique aspect of this year's Insurance Summit was the roundtable sessions where CX experts from Erie Insurance, Intact Financial, Philadelphia Insurance and Selective Insurance presented to groups around a specific CX program or an idea implemented with success at their company.  We would need an entire blog post just to share the outcomes of these sessions. Luckily, we’re creating one (well, four!)

We were delighted to welcome Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc. Ellen has been dubbed Forrester’s “Insurance Guru” and brought a fresh point of view to our CX events. Her presentation was focused on digital transformation and strategies insurance companies can carry out to drive better customer experience. Ellen’s key takeaway? Use innovation as a tool for your continuous improvement.

Finally, as we do with all Confirmit events (as well as drinks, of course), we wrapped up the presentations by recognizing the 2018 ACE Award winners in the insurance industry. The insurance industry makes up a large segment of our ACE winners and it was wonderful to have representatives from so many of those clients with us to celebrate.

You know Confirmit would never close out an event without a reception. Our attendees spent a few enjoyable hours sharing their CX stories and networking with our speakers, thought leaders and Confirmit team over drinks and hors d'oeuvres. They also picked up their parting gifts, “I’m too CX-EE for my Shirt” t-shirt.