Rocking the CX Summit: A Look Inside London's Customer Experience Conference

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Author Bio

I don’t know about you, but in my experience the networking at events are often pretty awkward. Lots of shuffling about half-making eye contact and then being ridiculously grateful when you’re called back to the presentations where you can sit down again.

That was not the case at last week’s Confirmit Customer Experience Summit in London last week. I have never witnessed such enthusiastic networking activity. Granted, the “become a CX rock star” theme had added a bit of fun to proceedings, but it was genuinely astonishing. I honestly thought we’d have to wrestle some people back to their chairs such was their determination to continue discussing their role as the CX drummer or bass guitarist (we’ll explain that another day!)

In fairness, there was a lot to talk about. We’d kicked off the afternoon’s session with a presentation from Claire Sporton who encouraged the assembled CX professionals to think about whether their Voice of the Customer program needed more evolution or if it was time for a revolution. Being Claire, she managed to demonstrate this through the medium of the Beatles’ music, but if you’re familiar with Claire’s presenting style, that won’t surprise you for a moment.

Claire talked about three eras of a CX program; getting established, business impact, and a lasting legacy. She suggested that while you can evolve a program within each of those eras, to jump into the next one requires a revolution. Given the number of people taking photos of the slides, I think it’s safe to say there were plenty of people in agreement.

For me, the best thing about the event (except for the drinks reception at the end, which is always a highlight for me because I love wine and tiny, beautiful food), was hearing from the real-life CX rock stars. We had speakers from Bupa Global and Computacenter discussing the way in which their CX initiatives had driven enormous change in their businesses. Tellingly, they were some of the few businesses you hear about who can demonstrate the linkage back to real, financial results too. We love an NPS boost, but let’s face it, it’s a bump in revenues that the C-Suite is really looking for!

We also heard from Engage, an Employee Engagement partner of Confirmit whose team shared some fascinating insights about their clients who are using new, agile ways to listen to employees to enhance the employee experience. They also warned of the dangers of measurement in isolation and the importance of data integration. They also quoted Slash, from Guns N Roses which doesn’t happen much at a business conference….

We rounded things off with Joana Quintanilha, Principal Analyst at Forrester who, as well as telling us about a recent Spice Girls concert (our speakers REALLY got into the theme!), gave us her seven rock star top tips to help businesses deliver the experiences that customers really want.

The afternoon flew by. Our audience spent the break forming their own bands (the winning group was charmingly called “Confirmit and the Muppets”) and then we hit the bar at the Four Seasons to settle down to a rock star-worthy evening of drinks, pretty food and lots of CX (and some not-so-CX) chat. If you were there – thanks for coming and making the event so much fun. If you weren’t – where were you?!

Keep an eye on the events page and make sure you join us at the next event. Best practices, great insights, brilliant conversations, and wonderful food guaranteed. Quotes from Slash….not so much.