Ready to be a Winner? Tips for the Confirmit ACE Awards

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Author Bio

The deadline for the Confirmit ACE Awards is fast approaching and we’ve been inundated with requests for tips about what makes a winning submission. While giving away such secrets might make the judges’ task more challenging, I think we can share a few more details.

My top trick is to think “Richer, Smarter, Faster”. That means answering the following:

  • How are you using the Voice of the Customer or Employee to create richer insights? Not just collecting data, but integrating it to add context and make it actionable.
  • How have you used this insight to make smarter decisions? This isn’t just about your team. How are people around the company able to make better business decisions based on insights from your CX work?
  • What action have you taken? How has your program helped you to turn those decisions into faster actions that have had a positive outcome?

After more detail? Go on, then….

  1. Think carefully about which category to enter.
    There are six categories available and it pays to take a good look at the options… Almost all of the categories (except Voice of the Employee) are suitable for VoC or Customer Experience (CX) programs, so it’s wise to see which will help you show off your program at its best. If you’re able to demonstrate real business change, check out Business Impact, or if you’re collecting insights from multiple sources (customers, employees and partners, for example, or via web, SMS, and telephone), you can demonstrate this best in the Multi-Channel category. Pick the category that will allow your results to shine.
  2. Be succinct and focus on the key points.
    We don’t need your life story (though I’m sure it’s very interesting)! Focus on the broad structure of your program, how you’re collecting – and connecting – data, and tell us about the impact. What decisions have been made as a result of your VoC or CX activities? This is what we want to hear about. Use bullets, diagrams and clear language to explain how your program works and what it has achieved.
  3. Talk about insights, not surveys!
    Don’t get us wrong, we like a survey. But the best submissions don’t purely focus on how many surveys get sent out. Yes, do share response rates – they’re a great indicator of engagement. But explain how you’re connecting and using data, not just collecting it. It’s about those richer insights, not endless feedback collection.
  4. Think beyond the CX team.
    No CX activities should exist in a vacuum so give us context. Tell us how your work is impacting the rest of the business. How is it helping you to achieve corporate goals? Yes, a boost to NPS® is lovely, and we certainly want to hear about that. But what are you reporting to your senior stakeholders? Which other teams are you sharing insights with? How are you supporting them as they use the Voice of the Customer to think of new ways to do things? Tell us about that to prove the value you are delivering to the entire business.
  5. Give us evidence of business outcomes.
    The judges like numbers. They particularly like financial metrics. Again, NPS, Easy Scores, Customer Satisfaction – all great. But what about revenue increases? Cost reduction? Have you been able to link your CX and VoC activities back to cold, hard cash? If so – tell us! We’re not going to share this information unless you tell us to, so give us the detail.
  6. Finally, get a third-party to review your submission.
    Our judges are experts in Customer Experience and Employee Engagement. But they are not experts in YOUR program. Ask someone who’s not deeply involved in your program to take a look at your submission and make sure it’s clear. An extra pair of eyes never hurts!

If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help out. Or check out what our 2018 winners did as inspiration.

Good luck – and enjoy your submission writing!