Pink Goldfish and Data Bulldogs: The Denver CX Summit

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Author Bio

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not even a Bomb Cyclone (aka really bad blizzard), could stop our recent CX Summit in Denver. Yes, we had to postpone it, but it turned out very well and I’m excited to share some of the takeaways from the event with you.

Our speakers included thought leader and author Stan Phelps, practitioners Sean Albertson of Charles Schwab and Sarah Day from Asurion and rounding out the group was our very own CX Consultant Sarah Simon. The mix of experience and viewpoints provided for great discussion and questions from the audience. If you weren’t able to join us, grab a coffee and read about what you missed:

Stan Phelps, Differentiation through Customer Experience

Stan is the co-author of the book, “The Pink Goldfish”, in which he discusses the importance of embracing what makes you and your company unique. These “weird” parts of our companies are our differentiators and the key to standing out from the crowd. Based on that approach, there’s plenty that’s “unique” about the Confirmit team!

Stan used examples of companies that have embraced what makes them unique even if it means turning away some customers. One example was of the Alamo Draft House, a movie theater in Austin that has a zero tolerance policy on talking or cell phone use during the movie. One unhappy and slightly tipsy customer was kicked out for phone use and left an angry voicemail for the company. The company embraced it and used the voicemail to promote the fact that their theater is for movie goers that would like an uninterrupted experience. Here’s Anderson Cooper’s take on the situation.

Stan also treated the audience to some interesting and unique bar tricks he’s learned over the years and has even written a book about it called “Bar Tricks, Bad Jokes and Even Worse Stories”. Enjoy!

And one last treat from Stan is his book “The Grey Goldfish” that explores how to manage across generations is available for FREE on Amazon. Happy reading and thanks Stan!

Sarah Simon, VoC Program Renovation

Even if you’re not a fan of reality home renovation shows, you’ve heard about them. Sarah’s presentation was a play on this TV craze as she related different types of houses that needed renovation to the various types of CX programs she encounters with clients and the changes they need in order to improve and start delivering results.

Sarah also took us through a mini workshop to help us rethink our listening posts and reminded us to ask critical questions such as:

  • How many do we have?
  • Who’s managing it?
  • Why do we have it?
  • What actions are being taken from the results?

The answers to these questions may surprise you when you start digging in and asking around your organization. You will likely find overlap, listening but no action, and gaps in your listening efforts. Also remember that with every survey you are putting miles on your customers and wearing them out. Try using unstructured data to capture feedback without having to ask for it at every touchpoint.

Sean Albertson, Deconstructing the Loyal Client Journey

Sean continued the home renovation analogy with his presentation on deconstructing the client journey and rebuilding the path to a stronger customer relationship. At Charles Schwab, Sean’s team uses journey analytics to tie all feedback and operational data together and they use this information to build a story about the journey.

“Data bulldogs” as Sean calls them, or data scientists for the rest of us, are instrumental in helping Sean’s team make sense of the data. If you don’t have in house data scientists you may want to consider working with an outside Market Research agency that has this talent ready and waiting to be used.

Sarah Day and Sarah Simon, Fireside Chat

We closed out our event with a fireside chat with Sarah Simon and Sarah Day. We even had a video of fire in the background to add some ambiance. Much of the discussion centered on Asurion’s unique decision to bring Brand under CX. With this Brand overlay Sarah Day and her team are able to view CX though a new lens; she calls this combination “Brand Insurance”. We often forget this, but the actual process of providing feedback is part of the customer experience and it has ramifications on a company’s brand reputation.

This change at Asurion has provided a strong foundation for continued growth and provided the ability for Sarah to expand her efforts to improve the customer experience by working with other departments. She has built relationships throughout the organization by listening to their needs and then helping them solve their problems with the data she has from her various listening posts.

One of my favorite quotes from Sarah is that “it is only so long that you can report NPS out to the organization before you become stale and irrelevant.” So, keep in mind these three keys to success, you must tell a story with your data, help other departments solve problems and have a positive impact on the customer.

We finished the afternoon with some drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and of course a few bar tricks. My favorite was the “Statue of Liberty”. Google it!

We hope you had as much fun as we did and learned a bit along the way. If you didn’t make it to this event, have a peek at our event calendar to see when we’re coming to a city near you.