Pieces of the Puzzle

Author Bio

Author Bio

There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of delivering a world-class customer experience. The good news is that there are tried and true methods of working on this puzzle. Just as with any puzzle, there is a path to success - and a little guidance can be invaluable.  

Before I joined Confirmit as a CX Consultant, I was a practitioner at both small and large companies, working on B2B and B2C programs in a variety of industries. In the trenches, so to speak, I was charged with developing and expanding Voice of Customer and customer experience programs. Over the years, I have uncovered many pieces to the puzzle of customer experience best practices through research, courses, speaking with my practitioner peers - and also some good old scrappy trial and error. It has been a fun, although not the most efficient, journey.

Similarly, my experiences, both in my studies and career, have been like pieces of a puzzle. In my first few months at Confirmit, I feel like the pieces are really coming together. I get to use the sense of curiosity sparked by my studies, my deep empathy for others developed on the front lines, and my experience in the customer experience world gained over the years to help Confirmit’s clients.

Starting a new job is always a bit unnerving. It was all the more so leaving what I had always known: working on company-specific CX programs, to come into the world of consultancy. However, I knew I was in the right place when I was told right away to always do what is right for the client. That type of culture is not easy to create – believe me, I know.

I was also hesitant to join a software company. I have always been responsible for creating customer experience programs and have used software to further this goal - not the usage of technology for technology’s sake. (Technology is only one piece of the puzzle.) While we are a software company, it was clear right away that Confirmit’s approach is to help clients with all aspects of their business problems as it relates to customer experience. This is evidenced in the flexibility of the tool and the fact that a CX Consulting team exists. Confirmit doesn’t have a “sell and go” approach; which is unique in the software world.

Needless to say, I feel like I have joined a company focused on helping clients put the pieces together of their unique puzzles supported by powerful technology, visionary thinking and an arsenal of “puzzle pros”. I can’t wait to see what puzzles await in the future!