Patience, Grasshopper!

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I’ve just switched energy supplier. I know – brace yourselves. Well, it felt like the right time as this year’s ‘deals’ from our previous supplier did not seem as good as previously. So after the fun of researching options, (I used to have a life!) we picked an alternative. We completed the online form and off we went. A week or so later I was prompted by email for a meter reading from the new supplier, which made sense.

So what, would you think, would be the next thing I should receive from my new supplier? A welcome pack confirming my account details? A statement of some sort? Terms and conditions? No. None of that.

I got a survey invitation. Asking about my experience.

I haven’t had an experience yet! Unless your online form counts. But as I entered the survey, it was asking about contact with my new supplier (which I haven’t received yet) and then went into more of an audit of me, my home, who lives there, and how I feel about them, their brand, life, the universe and, well, everything. I’ll be honest, at this point, I closed the survey probably making some sort of middle-aged ‘hurrumph!’ noise.

As a CX practitioner, there were a number of things that irked me about this – and you may already be able to see where I’m headed with all this – so apologies if I’m being obvious.

First off – very well done indeed for asking me what I think. Thank you. That’s lovely.

But …

  • Can we please make sure the survey is actually about what I think?
  • It should not be a duplication of the population census.
  • … or an exploration of which bits of Wi-Fi kit you may or may not be able to sell me later?
  • … or insurance for that matter, while we’re on the subject.
  • Actually, can you just contain your enthusiasm by only asking a few questions, rather than eight million? Perhaps start by focusing on just one thing at a time. Let’s start with my experience of signing up and leave brand perceptions until later, for instance.

Secondly - get your customer journey mapping sorted! It’s a bit difficult for me to comment sensibly on things that haven’t happened yet. So please make sure your survey triggers are based on what you’re surveying me about. Everyone loves those future prediction stories, but this is neither the time nor place.

Getting good data to fuel a CX program is a constant headache for many businesses. So it’s a shame when that problem gets passed onto the end consumer, especially in such an obvious manner. For those running these feedback mechanisms, keeping the customer engaged enough to provide feedback is also important – it’s not enough to know who to talk to and when. If consumers don’t feel you’re listening, like you’re not acting on the things they’ve told you, they’ll stop telling! So make sure your actions reflect the feedback you get. It’s a delicate, tricky balance between listening at the right moments, set against communicating back. It takes some planning to get it right.

Or not, as in the case of my super new energy supplier.

It’s really too soon to tell.