Maximizing the Customer Experience with CRM

Andrew Slutter

Andrew Slutter

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For quite some time, the default assumption has been that an organization’s Customer Experience (CX) team should be the exclusive owners of initiatives to listen to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and improve the Customer Experience. However, as CX has become more critical, progressive businesses are realizing it is everyone’s job to focus on tracking and improving the customer experience.

For top-performing B2B organizations, meeting and exceeding customer expectations is a priority. Let’s be honest: B2B customer relationships can be fragile. Customer churn and spending reductions are constant threats that can quickly erode your annual revenue. The key is to proactively identify these risks and manage customer relationships carefully with the right processes and infrastructure. That means that your entire team needs easy access to ALL customer information that is relevant to their role. It is imperative to break down data silos and empower employees at all levels of the organization with relevant insights that let them create and manage long-lasting customer relationships.

Of course, your Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) stores a lot of important information about your customers. Meanwhile, your CX team is gathering feedback from those same customers in a different system. If these platforms are not integrated, the data silos make it difficult for stakeholders to understand the full context of your CX feedback.

  • For CX professionals, CRM data provides a richer context about the feedback
  • For front-line employees in account management, sales, customer support, and other positions, CX feedback reveals the changes that your staff should make to improve the customer experience

Fortunately, integrating your CRM with your CX platform doesn’t have to be difficult. Confirmit’s CRM Connector for Salesforce is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Our out-of-the-box data connector provides a highly secure and easy-to-use wizard for mapping between your Salesforce CRM data and your Confirmit Horizons feedback data.

The wizard lets you easily define the business rules controlling when you want to request feedback. The software is also flexible and supports a variety of integration architectures between your CRM and CX platforms. In either system, you can visualize your data, trigger actions to close the loop on feedback, and/or manage your feedback invitation processes. You can setup the integration style that is the best fit for your organization. This not only saves time, but ensures your teams will stay on top of all their latest customer data.

If you’d like to learn more about CRM Connector for Salesforce, click here to download the factsheet or give us a call for a live demonstration.

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