Is Your Problem Resolution on Target?

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon

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With over 20 years’ experience in customer experience, Sarah’s passion lies in operationalizing the Voice of Customer to drive outstanding customer experiences. Her specialties include VoC architecture, developing linkages to business performance, reduction of customer defection and analyzing customer feedback to tell the customer’s story. Her expertise in VoC survey design has combined with omni-channel customer listening to structure sophisticated, customer-friendly VoC programs. 

Currently, she serves as VoC Consulting Director at Confirmit, where she combines her industry thought-leadership with customized needs-analysis to architect new feedback initiatives and corresponding customer experience strategies. She also runs diagnostics on existing programs to optimize structure and function to yield significant business insights from mature programs.

Author Bio

Do you know what customers want most when they contact you to complain? According to the 2017 Customer Rage study, a typical customer wants this from your support center:

Treat me with dignity. Give me assurance that the problem won’t happen again. Repair or fix the issue at hand. And support me using everyday conversational language - enough with the scripted responses.

That’s it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Apparently not. There is a disturbing gap between what customers want most from their support call and what contact centers deliver. Less than 40% believed they were treated with dignity and talked to in everyday language. Alarmingly, less than 30% saw their product repaired or service fixed. And a paltry 18% worked with a company that had the confidence to assure the customer that the problem wouldn’t raise its head again. (Fortunately, only 2% of customers seeking revenge got what they came for.)




The best part? The things customers want most when they call your agents are primarily non-monetary. Beyond having their product repair or their service working again, customers are asking to have their emotions and egos tended to: Dignified treatment, a promise that the same problem won’t recur and agents using authentic, non-scripted language.

Meeting these expectations can decrease customer rage, improve satisfaction with the support experience you provide, and contribute to increased overall customer experience. Your call center works hard to provide a positive customer experience. We hope you’ll use this guidance in what customers want when they contact you to keep your issue resolution on target.


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