Fourth Annual Insurance Summit: Comradery among Competitors

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Author Bio

Most of us don’t think that hard about the relationships we have with our insurance provider. It’s one of those necessarily evils that we deal with, but don’t dwell on – at least until we come to make a claim. But while we might not think about our insurers that much, it’s clear that many of the best insurance businesses in the US are thinking deeply about their clients.

The reason I can say this is that last week representatives of around 20 leading insurance companies joined us for Confirmit’s Fourth Annual Insurance Summit in New York. It would be hard to imagine a group of people more dedicated to the Customer Experience cause than those who attended to hear from Forrester, ERIE Insurance and our fantastic panel of practitioners.

We kicked off with lunch (no one ever enjoyed a presentation while hungry!) and once the Confirmit team had made the introductions, we heard from Faith Adams, Analyst at Forrester Research who talked about the importance of communication. She cited a number of studies that demonstrated that the way in which businesses in general, and insurers in particular, communicate with their customers is central to the entire Customer Experience. The quote that I think had most people nodding vigorously was “Clear communication is synonymous with trust”. It’s tough to argue with that!

Faith summed up the atmosphere at the event beautifully. “It is always great to see such passion for CX – and even more so – the level of comradery that can exist among peers that may normally be perceived as competitors. The information was extremely relevant to the challenges that the attendees face – whether their CX was mature or not. Having worked in the insurance space, this was indeed one of the best events that I have attended.”

Next, Abel Rhyne, VP, Customer Service Strategy & Operations at Erie Insurance took to the stage. After Faith’s more academically-led presentation, it was great to get the balance of a real-life story of a business striving to listen to customers and do the right thing by them. There were a couple of things that stood out to me from Abel’s presentation. First was his comment that “The most important thing in the contact center is to listen to the customer”. This is one of those things that seems obvious when you hear it, but in fact doesn’t seem to be so obvious with many contact center interactions.

Abel also shared some of the ways in which they have managed to get support and buy-in for their program, including posting positive verbatim customer comments to a “Recognition Wall” to provide kudos to their best people and inspire success. Employee recognition and appreciation is a cornerstone of what ERIE does, and that’s had a big impact not only on employee satisfaction and attrition rates, but customer satisfaction as well.

We rounded off the main presentations with a fantastic panel session moderated by our own Stacey Nevel who works closely with many of our insurance clients. The panel included Jim Katzman from Asurion, Heidi Mastellone of Selective Insurance, Zancesca Spagnoletti from Philadelphia Insurance, and Susanne Wahl of Westfield Group. The session covered a huge range of topics, from achieving executive support, to some of the more challenging lessons learned along the way.

Finally, it was time to make a fuss of our ACE Awards winners. The insurance industry makes up the largest vertical segment of our ACE winners and it was wonderful to have representatives from so many of those clients with us to celebrate. You can learn more about their stories in our brand new 2017 ACE Awards Winners’ Showcase book here.

If you’d like to attend our future events so you can learn more about how to go from good to great in CX (or even how to get started), keep an eye on our events page to find something happening near you. And remember we have a packed webinar schedule as well if you can’t tear yourself away from your desk. Hope to see you next time!