Ready for Your Close-up? Exciting Changes to the ACE Awards

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Author Bio

Confirmit Ace Awards 2019 - Achievement in Customer Excellence

You may already know this, but the ACE Awards have been running for some time now (well over a decade, in case you were wondering). As you might imagine, the quality and content of the submissions has changed dramatically – particularly over the past few years.

Clearly, this is great news if you’re interested in the success and growth of CX as a recognized profession and driver of business success. And on the maturity of Voice of the Customer and Employee Engagement programs as new methodologies emerge. All good stuff.

Except for our judges. Spare a thought for our CX and Employee Engagement gurus who diligently review and score our submissions to ensure they uncover the very best programs to recognize with our “best of the best” Judges’ Choice awards. As the standard improves, their job gets harder. And harder.

This year, we’re trying to help them out. More importantly, we’re determined to make sure that the companies awarded a Judges’ Choice trophy are truly the most deserving recipients. The companies who aren’t just moving the needle on a metric, but who have a real impact on business success. That means shaking up the judging process a little bit.

As always, we’ll review all submissions and identify those companies that are in the running for a Judges’ Choice award. We’ll ask these finalists to take part in a 15-minute online video presentation to one of our team to help them really understand the nuts and bolts – and more importantly, the results – of the program.

Finalists will have plenty of time to prepare and we promise the judges aren’t trying to catch anyone out! They’re just naturally nosey (in a good way) and really want to learn more before selecting winners.

We realize that means a bit more work for finalists but it’s a great chance to show off the success of your program directly to the judges. And, to help keep your program on track in the longer-term, all finalists will be given an opportunity to have a short one-to-one session with one of our brilliant consultants later in the year.

All make sense? Excellent. We’re really excited about this change and we’ll share more details with finalists in due course. In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of the new process. You know where we are if you have questions!

  1. ACE Awards deadline: March 14th
  2. Initial judging phase takes place; standard winners decided and finalist list for Judges’ Choice confirmed
  3. Judges’ Choice finalists notified and presentations sessions scheduled
  4. Presentation/Q&A sessions take place
  5. Finalists notified of result (finalists who don’t win a Judges’ Choice award will be standard winners)
  6. Results announced in media.

The deadline is getting closer by the day (obviously!) so get started now. There are six categories to enter – find out which is right for you here. You can always take a bit of inspiration from our 2018 winners here.