CXPA: Inspiring Exchanges in Arizona

Shelly Chandler

Shelly Chandler

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Vice President, Customer Experience Consulting - Americas

Author Bio

Last week saw the sixth CXPA Members Insight Exchange and I was so proud to see the way in which the event, and the CXPA itself has grown and matured over the years. The Confirmit team attended with a group of consultants, marketing and account team members to cheer on our CX consultants Sarah Simon at the podium and Stacey Nevel with a Show and Tell session. More importantly, of course, we were looking forward to engaging with the many other attendees, a large proportion of whom were first-time attendees—which was a wonderful sign on the impact the organization continues to have.

By members, for members” remains the mantra of CXPA, which is what makes this event so different. People in this business love to share ideas and successes—formally, informally, wherever and whenever, and members really take advantage of that, even from competitor to competitor—the air is that rarefied.

I particularly enjoyed Matt Dixon’s presentation on CEB’s Customer Effort Score which was highly educational and really thought-provoking. This new darling of the metrics world works well in transactional, service-oriented interactions, but I wonder about its applicability to relationship and loyalty metrics? Does the science prove out? It’s certainly an area that our research consultants will continue to investigate, as CX metrics remain—quite rightly—a hot topic for the industry. 

We were also delighted to have a Confirmit client hosting a table during the Show and Tell sessions. Jeffrey Johnson from Splunk ran a group talking about NPS® and Customer Feedback Optimization in which he talked about Splunk’s move from an annual NPS-driven survey to a series of more frequent and concise surveys which have not only driven up response rates from 0.5% to over 7% but which are delivering some eye-opening insight to the leadership team.

From Citi’s Customer Command Center (and CX Innovation Award Winner) to a home-grown customer reference program at Fidelity, I heard some great ideas, and even better, actions born out of great ideas to just jump in and try something. Some ideas took large teams; others only a few people with a burning desire to make a difference. That’s why CXPA inspires me every time, and why Confirmit is a loyal supporter of the organization. You never come back empty-handed, but more importantly, you find the support and encouragement you need to make a difference! 

Viva la CXPA!


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