A CX Lunch is a Rejuvenating Experience

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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We love a Lunch and Learn session at Confirmit. They’re a fabulous way to combine two of our favorite things; CX chat and food. Possibly not in that order, to be honest. We do love food.

Earlier this week, we ventured to Washington DC to talk about how businesses can rejuvenate their customer experience programs. We know that even after years of success, CX programs can reach a plateau. It’s an area that our VoC consultants are asked about a lot, so we set about an event to help people learn how moving to the next level begins with asking the right questions, and gathering best practices.

The setting was wonderful. A beautiful spring day, with sunlight beaming through the glass windows of The Charlie Palmer Steakhouse outside Capitol Hill gave us a perfect start for the attendees who joined us from a wide range of industries. One of our veteran VoC business development team, Don Eigenbauer kicked things off by welcoming guests and by introducing our guest speaker, Bruce Temkin, the “Godfather of CX” (Don’s words, not mine!)

It’s always a pleasure to have Bruce join us for these events. This time was no exception as he threw in a range of tidbits from musicals to illustrate his “5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your CX Program” chat. And why not?

One of the areas he talked about which really sparked interest from the audience was about employee engagement. Often, while companies run VoC and Voice of the Employee programs, they fail to ask frontline employees for their thoughts about the customer experience they provide each day. This is a huge resource and can not only deliver extraordinary insight, but help to boost the internal engagement in the overall program.

Another key area – and one we’ve talked about a lot at Confirmit too – was around making small, simple design changes, rather than focusing on huge infrastructure projects. It’s about designing for real people, primarily our employees, to help them deliver the customer experience they are capable of.

We rounded off with a cozy “fireside chat” moderated by our own Stacey Nevel. Sadly, there was no actual fireplace available at the restaurant, but Stacey is a pro and worked around it. Again, the role of the employee was a critical theme, along with that old classic, ensuring feedback is actionable.

The feedback and buzz from around the room was excellent and I think it’s safe to say our attendees all left with plenty to think about…and full stomachs. What more can you ask for?!

If you too enjoy food and CX thinking, we have more Lunch and Learn sessions coming up throughout the year. The next one is in Chicago on May 11th where we’ll be talking about harnessing the power of CX innovations. Or keep an eye on the events page to see what else is planned. Great food and guidance are guaranteed. Firesides are not.