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Recently I was speaking with one of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry about her company’s call center and some of the challenges she has collecting data from that function. She told me that her company has many different levels within the call center, and each level handles different types of calls. One of the most common type of calls into the pharma call center come from the end patient. Call center teams are primarily answering questions that the end patient forgot to ask their physician, or occurred to them after researching a product online. The agents are also are taking calls related to pricing promotions and coupons, as well as calls from physicians’ offices.

Together we brainstormed a few ways that her call center can collect useful data to create a positive impact on customer experience, messaging, positioning and product awareness, and adoption.

Patient Call – Product Information: Clarity of messaging regarding a product’s purpose, benefits, risks and its advertising perception can all be gathered and used to validate the current product positioning. Once you have the data, Marketing and Branding have clear insight to consider and can look at ways to make adjustments.

Patient Call – Price Promotions and Coupons: This is a great opportunity to learn about how a price promotion and/or product was perceived by the patient. You can also learn more about the patient’s circumstances and what assistance would be of most value to them. This information can be used to update price promotions or change the offering. It may also be useful when determining new segments to target in your promotional programs.

Physician Office – Product Questions: These calls are typically handled by the most skilled agents who have medical background. Capturing these product questions can help you identify trends enabling you to clarify messaging. You can also ask the agents to gather information about the physician’s office, patient population, or product concerns to help identify unmet needs that you can then work into your product and marketing strategy.

Along with satisfying a specific inquiry, collecting and leveraging feedback from your call center interactions is a great way to improve your overall patient experience, drive a clearer message and improve product adoption. Have a brain storming session with your call center director to bring these ideas to the table. In most cases, I bet they will partner with you to help make their department more visible and impactful within the organization, and your department will benefit as well! 


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