Countdown to CX Day: A Week to Go!

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Author Bio

Our celebrations of CX Day on October 3rd, continue today as we focus on another client with a fascinating story to well. This time, though, it’s a slightly different type of organization. While many industries, particularly financial services, insurance (such as Philadelphia Insurance who we featured last week) and retail, are quite a long way down the CX road these days, many other markets lag behind. However, Cognita, an international group of private schools, are certainly not among the laggards.

Education isn’t an area where we typically see a lot of Customer Experience activity. But, when you think about it, it absolutely makes sense to capture feedback and use it to drive changes that improves something as critical as education. While this can be handled in a fairly straightforward way for individual schools, it’s quite different for Cognita. The group has 65 schools around the world, with 5,000 staff responsible for teaching over 30,000 students.

That, by any benchmark, is a serious Voice of the Customer undertaking!

In fact, when I say “Voice of the Customer”, what I mean on this occasion is Voice of the Parent. Since 2014, Cognita has run its program, in nine languages, to capture feedback from parents about their child’s education. There are a couple of really important elements here. Firstly, every school is different, with its own ethos and environment, so while the process for capturing, reporting and acting upon feedback needs to be consistent, there must also be a significant degree of flexibility. 

Secondly, Cognita set up its program with a clear link to business objectives and with clear success criteria. This is something that our CX consultants always recommend so it’s fantastic to see it happening in this less-than-usual implementation.

The changes that have taken place in various schools as a result of the program range from catering provision to transportation to actual educational practices. In short, every aspect of school life can be impacted by the feedback gathered – and the company’s success also caught the eye of our ACE Awards judges with a Judges’ Choice award win for two years in a row!

If you think you work in an industry where Voice of the Customer is a bit tricky – take a look at this case study. It’s a real lesson in how best practices can be applied in new ways and new places. Cognita is also implementing a Voice of the Employee program for staff and a Voice of the Pupil initiative so there’ll certainly be more to hear from this team!

Next week, we’ll have a new set of our best customer stories to share as we celebrate CX Day. Check back then!