Countdown to CX Day: 2 Weeks to Go!

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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This year, to celebrate CX Day on October 3rd, we’re running a countdown where we share some of our favorite customer stories to help inspire us all in our day-to-day Customer Experience activities. We’ve already talked about some of the brilliant stuff that RS Components and Siemens are doing and I encourage you to take a look at those stories if you missed them before.

This week, we are focusing on a long-standing customer who has, frankly, dominated the Confirmit ACE Awards for years. They’ve been a Judges’ Choice winner (the “best of the best”) for multiple years and the judges have even joked about giving them their own category in order to give other customers a better chance of winning! Philadelphia Insurance have been running their Voice of the Customer program for many years, and what is most impressive is that they continue to see results from their work year after year. The team started their program back in 2011 when it became clear that changes in the marketplace meant that in order to stand out from the crowd, insurers needed to take a new approach. In this case, that approach was a focus on customer service that also added incremental value to the business. While Philadelphia Insurance had measured NPS® for some time, and had captured transactional data from call center activities, there hadn’t been a holistic approach.

Having implemented a much more structured program, Philadelphia set about doing exactly what our CX consultants always rave about – taking action! While this is always the intent of a VoC program, it’s still something that can be hard to achieve. The team at Philadelphia, though, have made changes across the company – from website tweaks that reduced calls into the contact center, to a new billing system that resolved the biggest cause of customer frustration. The result? Return on Investment. All the changes that the company has made have a direct impact on the bottom line, proving that listening to customers is NOT a nice to have. It’s essential, not only to stand out from the crowd, but to long-term financial success.

I really recommend taking a look at the case study. Whether you’re in the insurance business or not, it’s a great story that proves the power of a strong CX program.

Next week, we’ll have another story to share, before we celebrate CX day with something rather special!!


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