Celebrating CX Champion, Louise Durnin of Cromwell

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Louise Durnin of Cromwell commended 2020 CX Leader of the Year

I think we can agree that this year has presented its fair share of challenges. But it has reminded us here at Confirmit how proud we are to work with some of the most innovative, leading CX teams around the globe as they embrace the change. One client, in particular, has put smiles on our faces…

The MyCustomer CX Award judges have spoken. And we are enormously proud to see Louise Durnin of Cromwell among the few winners commended 2020 CX Leader of the Year!

If you’re not familiar with the awards, you should be. The annual award is a big deal in the CX world. MyCustomer’s CX Leader of the Year award encourages industry leaders to share their personal and team achievements, championing the impact of CX in their organization.

The stakes were high this year with MyCustomer receiving over 100 entries, across 24 countries. So we’re over the moon to see Louise in the final six, receiving a special commendation for all her achievements at Cromwell and in such a short space of time. If you’re looking for some inspiration and encouragement, then take note. You need look no further…

When Louise joined Cromwell, the company was struggling with customer performance and to rectify this, she looked to change the company’s culture so the focus was firmly on the customer. Louise set the ambitious target of becoming ‘the easiest company to do business with’, sharing the new strategy company-wide with its 1,600 colleagues.

After just five months, Louise successfully launched the Voice of the Customer program and created its first-ever Customer Service Week, providing staff with training to help them learn about the new VoC tool, understand results and bring customer feedback to life.

Shortly afterwards, Louise implemented text analytics, enabling them to see, per customer journey stage, and customer type, how actions translate into customer experience.

Surveys were introduced across nine different touchpoints, and key metrics set at every stage of the customer journey to better understand how customers felt at key moments of truth.

Since its launch, Louise’s initiatives led to:

  • Dramatic improvements in NPS, CES and CSAT
  • 11% increase in customer orders
  • Increased customer retention
  • 45% decrease in calls to the customer service center
  • Projected annualised savings of £60k by removing external ad hoc research costs
  • 86% reduction in customer complaints, with engagement scores higher than previous periods.

“Our VoC program has proven transformational – not just in terms of bringing us closer to customers and responding to feedback in a targeted, actionable way, but it’s also completely changed the way we think,” commented Louise. “I am truly honoured to receive the award and grateful to my colleagues, who, without them, couldn’t make this happen. I’m proud to be a member of the Cromwell Team!”

But don’t just listen to us, we’re not the only ones to sing praise for Louise. CX Leader of the Year judge and 2019 award winner, Sandra de Zoysa praised Louise's work: "Louise had a mammoth task in front of her when she started off in Cromwell. She has shown true leadership and drive to turn that around. Her unrelenting drive and focus to improve CX is second to none and is clearly visible in the remarkable results she has been able to achieve, making her a true CX pioneer.”

Congratulations to Louise and all the CX champions participating in this year’s awards who continue to help bring CX to the forefront.

Cromwell were also named a 2020 Confirmit ACE Award winner in the Voice of the Customer and B2B categories. For the full list of winners, see our press release.