When all you can see is...Manure - Look for the Pony

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Author Bio

With another B2B Summit behind us, this year’s event brought some of the best CX Rock Stars together and taught everyone in the room a very important lesson...There must be a pony!

Our keynote speaker, Dayna Steele, CEO of Daily Success, Rock Radio Personality and Author of Rock to the Top, shared her four Rock Star Principles of Success. The things that differentiate a real rock star from a one hit wonder (we’ve all known a few of those!) 

Dayna focused on the four “rock star principles of success”. These were;

  • Passion
  • Networking
  • Knowledge
  • Appreciation

Her principle on passion was the one that really hit home for me. Dayna talked about the drive people need to really succeed. Sure we all want to be successful but are we willing deal with all the nonsense and aggravation to get there? There are always hard times and points where you may want to quit. 

BUT then she shared a story. In this story, two brothers stumble upon a barn filled to the rafters with horse manure. One brother says, “There’s nothing but poo in there”, and he leaves. The other brother sees an opportunity and says, “But, there must be a pony!” Then he started digging.

It was one of those moments when everyone paused and really thought about how accurate that story really is. You take every bump in the road, failure, negative aspect and remember there is something good in there somewhere. With a room full of CX professionals, analysts, marketers, we’ve seen our fair share of battles. But we’re all still standing, smarter and stronger than we were when we started our careers.

When life or work gets you down, when programs fail, results are less than ideal, remember with all this #$@&%*!, there has to be a pony somewhere. Something good is responsible for that mess – you just need to find it. Keep shoveling.