ACE Awards Judging: Business Impact

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Every year we invite clients to enter the Confirmit ACE awards so we can identify those who really deserve some special recognition. Those who have taken our product and ideas and really put it all to good use within their organizations. And at the risk of provoking a wave of sniggering from the back of the room, it’s not about what you’ve got, but how you use it.


This isn’t simply about who’s got the biggest, most awe-inspiring Voice of the Customer program, leaving no stone unturned and all trembling in its wake. Actually, in truth, it’s about that a bit – but it’s also about those, admittedly, less common cases when clients have been able to demonstrate more than a proxy for their buying power. Who has been able to take an idea and make more from it than the component parts? Who’s been able to ignite enthusiasm across the business for the customer experience, adding some facts and data to join the opinions and hot air that fuel so many business decisions? Who’s been able to say, hand on heart, ‘our business is in a better position today than it was a year ago and here’s why’ (pointing to the small box in the corner that contains the VoC program).

The great news is that there are plenty of companies out there (including our 2017 winners) – and we’re privileged to know so many of them – who sincerely believe in the power of the Voice of the Customer. I don’t say this cynically either – that would be cruel, especially in the context of our ACE Awards program, the annual scout for excellence in the field of customer experience measurement and action. So yes, while there’s an element of competitive spirit and an honest desire to put themselves forward in the best manner possible, none of this gets in the way of the awards representing a celebration of companies all trying to do the right things for themselves and their customers.

Because, you know… the one looks after the other and, like, vice versa. The two are linked.

Who’d have thought it?

But for me, what I enjoy the most about the judging process is getting the sense of where companies have started to see the value for themselves. It’s one thing to work for a company like Confirmit, trying to promote the idea, the vision. It’s another thing entirely to try and live it each day in a client organization. I’ve done the client-side role, so I know how hard it can be to constantly face so many conflicting demands despite the common sense that rings through your own head – if we look after the customers, they’ll look after us – I can see it, so why can’t everyone else? I also know it’s not as simple as all that. As with all things it’s about a balance (and I don’t mean the balance sheet - although that IS actually what it’s all about).

So if you need to show your Exec the money before they’ll believe you, then take a look at our ACE Awards stories when they’re published later in the year (or last year’s stories are online now). There’s a mine of ideas in there about how to get your VoC program to make a difference – regardless of whether that’s a difference to all, or a few, broadly or in a niche. Have a read.