When Confirmit Met Pulse Train – 10 Years on: Always Something New

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

Author Bio

I started at Pulse Train when I was a child. Well, not actually a child but I was 22 years old and was joining the company as part of the graduate training program (along with Paul Quinn, who you’ll also hear from in this series). By the time Pulse Train became part of the Confirmit, I was looking after our CATI solutions which were the best in the market – one of the main reasons for Confirmit’s interest in the company.

The biggest benefit of the newly expanded company was the creation of Confirmit Horizons. Previously, Confirmit had had the best web data collection technology on the market, but Pulse Train was renowned for its multi-channel solutions, including CATI, IVR, paper and more, so there was clearly a great fit between the businesses.

However, shortly after the companies joined forces, I moved out of the product side of things and joined the Marketing team as a Sales Evangelist (a role that meant different things to different people which led to a very broad set of responsibilities!) One of my big successes in that role was the creation of our most advanced demo dashboard which incorporated web surveys, IVR surveys, voice-to-text, text analytics and action management in an end-to-end process. We see a lot of that sort of thing now, but back then, I was pretty pleased with myself.

One thing that’s great about Confirmit, at least for someone as easily bored as I am, is that there is always the opportunity to seek out new challenges. Which is how I ended up getting involved in partnerships, eventually becoming Director of Global Technology Partnerships. This also meant I was able to be really involved in some of the subsequent acquisitions, including those of Techneos and CustomerSat.

That was lovely, but again, I saw another area I was interested in. This time, it was a result of our increasingly successful consulting capability. After years of being technology-only, our expansion into the Customer Experience world meant that we were now sharing our expertise and methodologies with clients. This meant we needed to have a dedicated function to manage our approach and to ensure we met the promises we made to our customers.

And that’s more-or-less where you’ll find me today. I set up the Program Management Team in the London office which then led to the creation of the EMEA & APAC Services Team that we know now. This covers a team of 50+ in London, Oslo, Grimstad, Moscow, Yaroslavl and Sydney and is an area of huge growth in the company.

It’s all a far cry from the small office in Surrey where I started as a graduate. Back then the technology we now provide would have seemed like witchcraft, and it would never have occurred to me that I’d have teams around the world working with me to support our customers. What wouldn’t have surprised me is that the Pulse Train/Confirmit merger had gone so smoothly. Both the technology and the people were a great fit and the fact that so many of the Pulse Train team are here is a great testament to that. It was a brilliant idea then – and it still is now.

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