A Perfect Fit: Two Months into Life as a Confirmite

Kat Stroud

Kat Stroud

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Director, CX Consulting

Author Bio

I've just passed two months here at Confirmit and I'm acutely aware that I can no longer speak about my tenure by number of weeks, which also means I'm close to no longer being considered "new"!

So, it's probably time for an introduction and to share some of my initial thoughts of this company…

My background is in psychology and it remains a passion of mine. You’ll often find me reading an Oliver Sacks book, playing an indie board game (I'm always looking for recommendations!) or training for an upcoming sport event. I love getting under the skin of how people think and feel, what drives them to do certain things, act a certain way - so a natural progression into business is the world of Customer Experience (CX).

I have 10 years research experience, seven years specifically CX. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses but have the most experience with the retail industry and digital channel. In my last role as a customer success manager I was the day-to-day contact providing account management, CX best practices and strategic recommendations. I love turning data into actions which help companies develop the best experience for their customers (and ultimately me, very selfish I know but I want a seamless experience too!)


What led me to join Confirmit…?

A good question! The short answer is that I was ready for a new challenge and the role at Confirmit ticked all the boxes. I was keen to use my digital knowledge in a new, B2B setting and particularly welcomed the change to implement and evolve large-scale, sophisticated programs.

In terms of achieving those goals, it's early to say, but it’s looking promising. What I can talk about though is the team I’m working with. The people are lovely. I know people say this all the time, but I genuinely mean it. Confirmit definitely values “fit” – bringing in people who will truly become part of the team. During the interview process it was also clear they wanted to let me establish if Confirmit was the right company for me. I think what made me realize the fit was right was that I really enjoyed the whole interview process – not something many people can say. Putting together the presentation for the final stage was the point I knew I was onto something – an opportunity that matched my skills and interests.

Before I even started the job I was invited to socialize with my future colleagues over drinks and dinner, this made me feel so welcome and already “part of the team” before my first day!

I could go on but I fear I’d hit “gushing” territory by then. I will say, though that while normally when you start a new job the first couple of months are stressful, I have not found that to be the case. I think that's testament to the supportive, friendly and open culture here - I was told time and time again to express my thoughts and challenge the norm "just because it's been done like this forever, doesn't mean it's the best way to do it".

I am really excited about what the future holds. I’m getting to grips with the amazing technology which is all built around my passion for turning data into action. That, and the fact that the team is always striving to do the very best for our customers, it’s been a great start!

I'm looking forward to gaining experience in the B2B industry, further understanding the depth and breadth of the product so I can help clients reach their goals and maybe even write a few more blogs!