Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2017

Holly Carter

Holly Carter

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Author Bio

On April 27, 2017 Confirmit’s New York City office joined thousands of American businesses to participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. This is a nationally recognized event that encourages girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work, and community lives. This program connects what children learn at school with the actual working world. Children learn that a family-friendly work environment is an employer and family issue and not just a woman’s issue. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work helps girls and boys across the nation discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life.


It was truly inspiring to see Confirmit employees, both parents and nonparents alike, serve as role models and inspire the girls and boys to attain their full potential. Throughout the day the girls and boys were able to see practical applications of how courses in STEM, English, and Business can better prepare them for a wide variety of jobs. The children became aware of the skills needed to be hired in professions including sales, consulting, law, graphic design, and computer programming.


While the day included fun activities such as decorating and potting plants, decorating (and eating) your own cup cake, and arts and crafts, the real power of the day came from the speakers! Throughout the day Confirmit employees took time to engage the children in simply amazing interactive educational sessions. Here are the highlights:


David Pedersen, Will Kline, Connor Young, Brian Londregan from our Technical Support and Operations team in NYC explained to the children what Confirmit does and how software like Confirmit Horizons works. They did an amazing job of simplifying such a complex topic so the children could really appreciate what we do. To help make the talk a reality for the children, they designed a child-friendly survey using Confirmit AskMe that the kids were able to take on their personal mobile devices. While the kids answered questions about their favorite cartoons, they were able to see the real-time results of their feedback projected on screen showing a Confirmit dashboard. Needless to say there were a lot of oooohs and aaaaahs as the children began to understand the value of research and analytics in a highly interactive and visual way.


Next up, Shane Cumming, our VP of Sales, explained to the children how our technology and services are used by businesses to support their decisions. Shane gave the example of how an ice cream company could use the feedback to decide which ice cream flavors the company should make. To engage the kids in a fun (and hilarious) conversation, Shane also surveyed the children about ice cream asking them which flavors they wanted to see. In the end, ketchup and snail flavor took the lead. (Better listen up Ben & Jerrys, this could be the next big thing!)


Not to be outdone by their male colleagues, some of the women of Confirmit came in to show the children the power and opportunities for women in business and tech.


Reema Thitha, a member of our web design team, showed the children how a website is designed, built, and maintained. Reema talked to the children about the opportunities available for boys and girls to enter into a field where high-tech meets high-creativity. During her talk, she stressed the importance of team work and collaboration to drive high quality work and workplace satisfaction. Reema’s presentation was highly interactive with questions and conversation throughout. The children were really engaged, asking extremely smart questions and proving how tech-savvy today’s children really are!


Tracy Regan, corporate council at Confirmit, also joined us. She introduced the children to the world of corporate law, explaining to how businesses must abide laws and use contracts to protect all parties involved. Tracy explained that contracts often require a lot of negotiation. This is a pretty big concept for children! So to drive the point home, Tracy guided the children in an interactive activity. She divided the children into two teams and assigned two sides to debate topic. Under the leadership and guidance of the older children in the group, the younger children were encouraged to express their opinions supporting their side of the debate in a polite, orderly, and persuasive manner. Not only was this activity extremely educational, it was a lot of fun! The children were completely absorbed in the debate and continued talking about it for quite a while after the session was over.


Finally, we were joined by Stacey Nevel, a Principal VoC Consultant with Confirmit. Stacey talked to the children about the education and experience required to achieve your dreams. She talked about starting out, learning along the way, and climbing the ladder to success while being a parent. Stacey shared a very personal story with the children about working to overcome her fear of public speaking. For those of you readers lucky enough to have ever attended one of Stacey’s presentations, the fact that she was once afraid of speaking will likely be a shock knowing how eloquently she speaks today. Considering that Stacey is such a natural-born teacher (the skill that makes her such an excellent business consultant), the children were powerfully inspired by her message supporting education, hard work, and perseverance!


In the end, Confirmit’s Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2017 was tremendously successful for the children and Confirmit employees alike. The children learned so much and the employees had a chance to inspire the next generation. If your company is not currently participating in this important event – you should really consider it! And if you aren’t sure if the staff at your company will want to participate, may I recommend conducting a survey using Confirmit Horizons to find out...