Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day: Why I am Taking Part

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Growing up I always went to work with my mother. I always knew what she did (well, the highlights) and who she did it with. She worked in fashion, and her co-workers were characters who she sometimes brought home. I knew how to ‘commute’ to NY, where the breakroom was and what tasks I could perform to pretend I was working alongside her. And it worked…I appreciated what she did so much, her place of work became my summer job every year after high school and influenced my decision to pursue a marketing degree.

Somehow, though, that knowledge that I had of my mother’s job has not been passed to my children. They know I work. They see me sit in front of a computer. They have seen videos of me speaking at a conference or two, have been subjected to way too many PowerPoint presentations, and have to listen to me go on and on about the customer experience and surveys at nearly every interaction we have outside of our house. However, between working remotely (which I love) and my travel schedule, they do not see me interact with my co-workers or participate in something greater than me, as part of a team (which I also love).

Bring Your Sons & Daughters to Work Day this year not only showed me and my family that my place of work values my family, but it gives me a chance to show off my work family to my children. They will not only get to see the various parts of an office that support our customers and the various jobs that can be performed to keep a business running, but also get a better sense of what I do and how I do it.

Part of what we learn from our parents comes from watching them interact with the people around them. Through observation, we learn from them how to interact with friends, family, teachers, public servants, even adversaries. Today gives me another opportunity to demonstrate what a positive work environment looks like, that ‘work’ can be extremely enjoyable with great people and in the right environment and how important it can be to find the ‘work’ that fulfills and supports you as much as you support it.


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