KeHE Cares: A Great Day out for a Fantastic Cause

Author Bio

Author Bio

I have the pleasure of working with some wonderful organizations in my work at Confirmit, and while I am always aware of it, occasionally I am taken aback by the things that they do. Sometimes this is in the course of our day-to-day conversations about customer experience. However, most recently, I had a very different reason to be really proud to work with a client.

KeHE is one of the largest and most respected national fresh, natural and organic and specialty food distributors in the US. They are great at what they do, but perhaps more importantly, they are also passionate about business with integrity. And it was this passion that led me to a golf course in Chicago on one of the hottest weeks of the decade! KeHE was hosting a golf day for suppliers and partners as part of its ongoing KeHE Cares™ program that raises money for a number of great causes.

It was a beautiful day, and an impactful event! My colleague, Greg Rich, and I were up early and at Harborside by 8am to get ready for a fun and hot day. The turnout was awesome and everyone was engaged and enthusiastic. Greg and I played in a foursome with two other gents from Compass Lease, Jon and Dan. We ended up finishing at -8 on the day. More important, though, is what we learned, contributed, and took away.

It was tragic to hear about how much sex trafficking occurs here in our own backyard. KeHE does an awesome job of helping create awareness and raising funds to rescue and restore those victims in need. Three organizations were also involved in this event and are committed to putting an end to sex trafficking worldwide – Truckers Against Trafficking, Restoration61 (local to Chicago), and Restoring Hope Nepal.

All proceeds from the 2019 KeHE Cares™ Golf Outing benefitted both Young Life and the KeHE Cares foundation. Every year, 16,000 - 25,000 women and children experience abuse and manipulation through the sex trade in Chicago alone. This tragedy is occurring in neighborhoods throughout the nation, and it takes a community to support these individuals as they take courageous steps toward restoration. They work to provide hope and dignity to victims of sex trafficking by offering emergency services and personalized care, and long-term support.

Together, we raised over $200,000 during this outing to improve people's lives locally and around the world.

If you’d like to learn more about KeHE Cares, take a look at their website. And a huge thank you to the KeHE team for inviting us.