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Author Bio

Last week we joined insights, research and marketing professionals from around the world at the Marketing Week Insights Show in London. It’s a huge event which covers an incredible amount of ground over the space of a couple of days.

From Confirmit’s perspective, we’re there to talk Customer Experience, insights, Voice of the Employee and anything to do with bringing together data to help businesses make better decisions. What’s nice about this event is that we’re able to speak to people from every part of the marketing world – often the home of Customer Experience and Insight teams.

This year there was a lot of emphasis on engaging with customers across both B2B and B2C markets, including gamification, brand value, social media and more. All of which are a huge issue for CX teams too – and in many companies, marketing is the home of CX.

Inevitably, one of the biggest topics of conversation was GDPR. A year after the new rules kicked in it seems we are all now feeling a bit more settled. The focus is on personalization and using things like videos and ABM campaigns to boost campaigns.

For obvious reasons, I was very pleased to see that there seems to be a shift from a metrics-driven focus to an insight-driven approach. I like a metric as much as the next person, but it’s great to hear people talking about bringing together insights from multiple sources to help inform decision making. Whether that’s new product development, improving the customer experience, or refining marketing programs, the combination of the Voice of the Customer with corporate Market Research is a powerful one.

Of course the highlight (in my totally neutral opinion!) of the event was Confirmit’s Claire Sporton speaking about the death of the survey. A few corporate insights people looked a bit worried there, but there was no need. Claire’s point was that customer insights are critical, but there are other ways to access it than by sending out another survey! There is so much data sitting in existing systems that it’s just not necessary to ping out another questionnaire every five minutes.

Claire’s mantra was “Connect, don’t collect”. I’m pretty sure that won’t be the last time we hear that from her this year! Claire also encouraged the attendees to consider conducting a “listening audit”. So many CX and marketing professionals are sure they are the only people conducting customer surveys – and they are frequently wrong. We had a flurry of people heading to our booth after Claire’s talk to grab one of our Listening Audit templates so it definitely struck a nerve!

If you’d like to come and find us at future events, take a look at where we’ll be. We’d love to see you!