How to Enter the Confirmit ACE Awards

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We have extended the deadline for the 2018 ACE Awards to Thursday, April 5th! If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact the ACE Awards team on

Thinking of entering the ACE Awards but not sure where to start? Fear not, help is at hand! Here are our top tips on getting your submission ship-shape and ready for our fearsome judges (slight exaggeration there, they have high standards but none of them is actually “fearsome”!)

Which category should I enter?
Good question! We have six categories available and two of them are new for this year. There’s more information on the ACE Awards page about what we’re looking for within each area.

  • A safe bet in most cases is the Voice of the Customer category, but it’s wise to see if there is another one better suited to your business.
  • If you’re doing something with new technologies, such as mobile or text analytics, consider our Innovation category.
  • B2B organizations should definitely be entering our new B2B category where the judges will be focused on the right elements for you to show off your program to its best.
  • If you have numbers to support your program – not just NPS or Customer Effort scores, but financial or operational results to share, Business Impact is the place for you!
  • For organizations using a combination of web, telephone, mobile and other channels to collect data, and for those also bringing in data from elsewhere in the business, you should be looking at the Multi-Channel Excellence category.
  • Finally, of course, if you’re running a Voice of the Employee or Employee Engagement program, it’s the VoE category for you. But you knew that!

Can I enter multiple categories?
Yes. Just complete the forms for each of the categories you wish to enter. You can use some of the same information for the basic section, such as the description of your overall program, but do ensure you tailor the later questions according to the category you are focused on.

What information do I need?
You can download the submission forms to get all the detail, but you’ll need the broad details of your program so you can provide a description. You’ll also need to give us some examples of action you have taken, based on the Voice of the Customer/Employee – try to make these specific where possible. Rather than “We trained our frontline staff better”, tell us the problem you were trying to solve, who you trained, and what the result was. We’re all about results! Finally, do try to have some metrics available – CX metrics such as NPS are great, but if you can demonstrate clear linkage to business results, you’ll be in the running for a Judges’ Choice award!

Hang on, what are the Judges’ Choice awards?
Those are the best of the best! We have multiple winners in each category, but only a handful of Judges’ Choice winners who really impress our judging panel.

Is there a limit to length?
Not for the overall submission. A couple of the questions have word count limits, so stay focused, but overall there is no page limit. Remember, though, the judges will read a lot of submissions so ensure you make your key points clearly.

Can I provide supporting documents or include images in the form?
Certainly. If you have a diagram that shows the way your program is configured, include it. Similarly, any graphical representations of your results year-on-year, or slides that you’ve used to present your CX successes internally are a very welcome addition.

How do I submit?
Once you’re completed the form, give it a good proof read (it never hurts!) and email it to You’ll get a confirmation of receipt within three business days.

Does the whole program have to be run on Confirmit’s solutions?
We’d love that, but no. We do require that a significant part of the program is run on Confirmit’s technology (E.g. Confirmit Horizons, Confirmit Genius), but if you are using other tools for parts of the program, that’s fine. Do make it clear where you ARE using Confirmit’s solutions, though, the judges love to see how you’re making use of our latest and greatest features!

I still have questions, what do I do?
Get in touch! You can contact the ACE Awards team directly on or speak to your Account Manager who’ll be able to help too.

I’m in, what’s next?
Hurrah! Delighted to have you aboard. Just go to the Nomination Forms of the ACE Awards page, and download the submission form you need. You have until March 29th, so get started now. The judges will be ready and waiting!