First Steps in the Marketing World

Author Bio

Author Bio

Kerie is currently an intern, working in the Confirmit London office.

Having studied event management at Greenwich University, I realized I had a lot of interest in marketing in general and so was eager to gain experience in the industry.

I had never heard of Confirmit before, but since starting my eyes have been opened to what the company is about, the different services they offer, and how beneficial their services are to businesses concerning Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer, and Market Research.

I studied a few modules of marketing during University and had learnt about the different types of general marketing activity. I am hoping to learn more about the types of marketing content released in the B2B world. I have never worked in a B2B environment before, so white papers, fact sheets and abbreviations such as; ABM, CATI and SaaS were all alien to me! There has been lots of Googling of these abbreviations in this first month!

I have also wondered if marketing is a good fit for me, I have always enjoyed a lot of different industries; I have worked in leisure and retail, studied Travel and Tourism, I am a qualified painter and decorator and there have been other things in between! I believe by gaining work experience in marketing and surrounding myself with marketers, I will be able to gauge if this industry is right for me.

The staff at the London Confirmit office have been really hospitable and it’s definitely a welcome change to be in this environment instead of education - plus the office, building and location are all very pleasing!

Though I am learning about the different marketing programs and approaches used within Confirmit and many other companies, I am also enjoying learning about the more specific business roles and the businesses that Confirmit works with.

In the short time I have been here I have been gaining exposure within marketing; the procedures and conversations involved between colleagues and of course, clients. It has given me more involvement working within a global team and the challenges that come with that.

So far it has been an enlightening experience (this video about the MR market was really interesting) and I am looking forward to the next two months here and hoping to learn a lot more.