COVID-19 and the Confirmit Team

Kyle Ferguson

Kyle Ferguson

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Chief Executive Officer

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The need to stay at home has meant businesses have had to change how they operate

After weeks of pretty strict lockdown in many countries around the world, restrictions are slowly beginning to lift. While a return to what used to be normal is still a very long way off, many people are sure to welcome the opening of more retail and leisure facilities and the chance to spend time with much-missed family and friends (albeit at a suitable distance).

The need to stay at home has of course meant that businesses have had to dramatically change how they operate, interacting with employees, customers and partners in different ways. Some have been more successful than others, and most of us will have ended up waving or laughing at colleagues’ pets, partners and children during video calls.

Confirmites are no different. We closed our offices around the world on 13th March and they have stood empty ever since. While we have flexible working, and many permanently-remote workers who are key team members, we operate with what is mostly an office-based culture. The creativity and innovation that can be sparked during a chance conversation in the kitchen (or just as often, in the pub after work) can be hard to replicate in a virtual environment. For that reason, many of our team are keen to get back to their desks once it is safe to do so.

Naturally, we are working hard to make sure that when our teams can return to our office, we do everything in our power to keep them safe. However, we’re also aware that some people won’t be able to come back for family or health reasons. Others simply won’t be comfortable to do so, particularly as most rely on public transport for their commutes.

I am very clear that we have a duty of care to all our employees, and that doesn’t just mean keeping them safe, it means ensuring they feel safe as well. Last week we announced to our global team that the current working from home arrangement will be in place until the end of this year. Offices will open in due course, but no employee will be pressured to return if they don’t feel it is right for them. We’ll revisit this in December and plan for 2021 at that stage.

This means that when working with us, you’ll find some team members back in the office, and others remaining at home. Regardless of where they are physically, they’re still the partners you’re used to working with. But some of them might have a dog for you to wave at.

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