When Confirmit Met Pulse Train: 10 Years on: Reunion

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Author Bio

Ten years ago this week, Confirmit announced the completion of its first corporate merger – the acquisition of UK-based technology company Pulse Train. In this mini-blog series, some former Pulse Trainers who are still with the company share their thoughts on the past decade.

I found it both interesting and sobering that Confirmit’s 20th anniversary last year coincided with the anniversary of the beginning of my own marketing career. Time flies indeed – and at Concorde speed (again here showing my age!).

A critical milestone in my professional past was actually Pulse Train! I joined the Market Research software expert in 1999 as Head of Marketing and really enjoyed the challenges and opportunities the company offered. Long before the days where mobile and social media started to truly change the game, the MR industry and the requirements of their clients looked a little bit different in the late nineties. Though they were still focused, as today, on anticipating market needs and trends in order to best prepare brands to stay ahead of their competition.

After about 3 years at Pulse Train I left the company and decided to live in France for a few years. I continued to work in B2B software solutions there, specializing in CRM. I came back to the UK in 2007, the year Confirmit acquired Pulse Train, and I started working in the Customer Experience space. My work led me to partner with Confirmit on a few projects, before I joined the company formally in early 2012.

What I hadn’t really expected was that it would be something of a reunion. Many of my ex-Pulse Train colleagues were still working for Confirmit (including Phil Lockyer, Paul Quinn and Nicky Richards, so I had the great pleasure of working with old friends again!)

We often speak of “closing the loop” in the Customer Experience environment. And with the convergence of the MR and the CX worlds, as well as my own roles at Pulse Train and Confirmit, there are definitely some loops being closed, and new ones opened! I feel privileged to be part of such a great team – a constant in an ever-changing world.


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