When Confirmit Met Pulse Train – 10 Years on: Half a Lifetime

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Author Bio

Ten years ago this week, Confirmit announced the completion of its first corporate merger – the acquisition of UK-based technology company Pulse Train. In this mini-blog series, some former Pulse Trainers who are still with the company share their thoughts on the past decade.

If you count my time at Pulse Train and Confirmit all together, I have worked here for 26 years. That’s well over (well, it’s a bit over) half my life. Given the massive changes that have taken place in that time, I suppose it must say something pretty positive about the people and the company that I’m still here.

Back in the old days at Pulse Train, it was a very different environment. As Paul Quinn mentioned in his blog, it was a very relaxed and informal place so it was hard to know what the merger with Confirmit would do to change things. As it happened, although almost everything changed in some way, some of the fundamental things – like being surrounded by great people – remained the same. Albeit with a lot more great people. At Pulse Train we had offices in the UK and Russia, so the merger added the US and Norway to the list, and of course now we have Canada and Australia as well.

Actually, that’s one of the things I really like about the expanded company. In the London office we often have Confirmites from around the world coming to visit us, and it always adds a certain buzz to the office. That was certainly the case in January this year when 153 of the Confirmit team all convened in London for a week. I was involved in the planning of that event (as I am with many of our external events) and although it was a challenge, it was a fantastic chance to meet people in real life who previously I’d known only as names on an email. It was a far cry from the 25 people in the old Guildford office in our Pulse Train days.

It’s heading towards four years since we combined our London and Guildford offices and moved to our new home in the Blue Fin building in London. Bringing the offices together means we now have over 60 people together so there’s always a lot going on. One of my roles is in HR and Admin and the larger office means there’s a lot more variety in my role which certainly keeps things interesting. Also cooler, since we didn’t boast air conditioning in Guildford. It’s worth the commute for that alone during the summer!

Leaving the Guildford office, which still felt a little like the old Pulse Train, was a huge job. The company had been in the same building for over 20 years (with the same carpet in some places!) so the amount of stuff we had to clear out or destroy was pretty epic. It was hard to believe we shredded a total of 1607kg of old paper documents accumulated over the years.

Since Pulse Train joined Confirmit, several other companies have joined us and every time, it’s been a surprisingly speedy process for us all to feel part of the same team. While I have a certain nostalgia for the old days I’m delighted to have so many colleagues – old and new – to keep me busy.