When Confirmit Met Pulse Train – 10 Years on: A Great Fit

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn

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Paul Quinn is a Senior Director, Product management focusing on ensuring that the Confirmit Horizons roadmap continues to meet customer demands while continuing to feature innovative new capabilities. Paul has 18 years’ experience in the MR and VoC solutions market, and regularly presents webinars which highlight new product functionality. 

Author Bio

Ten years ago this week, Confirmit announced the completion of its first corporate merger – the acquisition of UK-based technology company Pulse Train. In this mini-blog series, some former Pulse Trainers who are still with the company share their thoughts on the past decade.

Like Mr Lockyer, I joined Pulse Train as part of the graduate program in 1997 (clearly they had some outstanding recruitment practices back then!) Unlike Phil, though, I’ve remained in the Product Management area, though these days there is an awful lot more product to manage. At Pulse Train we had development teams in Russia who were beavering away to create new product features and enhancements. These days there are specialist teams not only in our Russian offices, but in the US, Canada, Oslo and Grimstad, all focused on ensuring that Confirmit stays at the forefront of Market Research and Customer Experience technology.

Back in 2007, the idea of being acquired by this larger company from Oslo was pretty daunting. While Pulse Train wasn’t exactly a “lifestyle” business, we had a pretty relaxed pace, all knew each other well and were more in love with the technology than with the process of selling it. We had some excellent Account Managers working with customers, but compared to most businesses our size, it was a tiny team. We knew that Confirmit was a much more commercially-focused company which, while exciting, meant a definite change of pace was afoot.

As it happened, there was no need to be concerned. Not only were our technology offerings very compatible, so were our teams. Culturally, it was a great fit which explains why, a decade and a major office move later, there are still so many former Pulse Train team members still here.

There are a couple of big successes that stand out for me. The first is the obvious one which was the successful launch of the platform that brought the best of our respective technologies together – Confirmit Horizons. A huge part of this was the CATI integration which was a key objective of the merger. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that this beautifully structured platform we now have was made up of completely separate component parts. CATI, despite many market predictions, remains a critical part of many Market Research businesses and our continued development of that part of the product remains vital.

The other big success for me is more of an internal one. This is the combination of our Product Management and R&D teams to create the large, incredibly dedicated and talented group that we have now. Despite being in offices around the world, we work very closely on both long and short terms objectives, and now deliver enhancements to Confirmit Horizons on an almost daily basis. Something we’d never have dreamed of 10 years ago!

Speaking of things we never dreamed of back then – our current product roadmap would probably have seemed impossible. From text and social analytics to deep learning, AI and more mobile capabilities than you can shake a stick at, a huge amount has changed for all of us. The office is fancier too.

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