Bring Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day: Chloe and Emma

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Today, I’m bringing my two daughters to Confirmit’s New York office. Chloe (8) and Emma (6) are really looking forward to heading to work with Dad for the day.


I wanted to take part in this initiative because I really want to show my kids what the corporate workplace is like. They have some experience with learning about public sector environments - police, EMT, firefighters, etc., but the corporate world has a very different view and I think it’ll be fun for them to see it. Beside, who’d turn down a day with Dad?!

I’d love to say the girls are keen to get a sense of how their futures might look if their careers take them down a similar path to mine…but if we’re being honest, they’re mostly excited about the candies! I am hoping they’ll find it interesting, though. I can’t claim it’s as dramatic as the life of a police officer, nurse or firefighter but there are a lot of great people in the New York office, and lots of things planned for them. And anyway, who’s to say the life of a Technical Support Lead isn’t as exciting as a firefighter…?   


Both girls are looking forward to the whole day. The train ride from home, the ferry and the subway to the office will take 90 minutes so just the commute in will provide plenty for them to enjoy. Then the Marketing team has set up some great activities, from drawing to an office tour to the cupcake decorating – there will be plenty to keep them busy!


As with all children, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of questions and observations from them throughout the day – some of which will be more flattering that others. So far, the only sticky point was having to answer Chloe’s inevitable big-sister questions of “Do we HAVE to bring Emma along….?” To which the answer, of course, was yes!

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