Word from ACE Winners: Company Pulse

Jan Kristian Karlsen

Jan Kristian Karlsen

Author Bio

CEO, Company Pulse AS

Author Bio

Company Pulse is gathering business intelligence for organizational change and increased employee performance - working smarter and cost reductions.

In 2018 we launched Company Pulse Index™ to help companies increase their productivity and employee motivation - an innovative, unique system designed to measure workplace performance, built on Confirmit Horizons.

Company Pulse Index™ gathers feedback to map employee work patterns behavior, including the use of time, time thieves, digitization and the way office space works. The survey identifies a main score (index) for workload, working conditions, division of labor and alignment to schedule.

Giving companies valuable data and a current situation snapshot, Company Pulse Index™ is used to help companies develop more effective ways of working, and to identify the most effective work practice for individual organizations - in a way that benefits both businesses and employees!

We were therefore very proud to receive an award in the “Best Use of Innovation in Customer or Employee Engagement” category. Its recognition of businesses like ours using innovative approaches - new data collection techniques, innovative analysis and reports - that truly act as a catalyst for change. And it motivates us to do even better!

What benefits have businesses used Company Pulse Index found?

  • Reduced costs and increased employee satisfaction
  • Fact-based involvement of the employees in the office relocation process
  • Online reports provide valuable insight to measure digital working methods
  • Analysis helped us reduce “time thieves” and increased efficiency in our workplace
  • Analysis was different from what we were used to, but even more useful and trustworthy
  • “We really liked the survey method, the usability and that the survey use recognized statistical methods.”

Gathering employee insight is critical in understanding engagement, productivity and performance. Through fact-based knowledge of the office and digital workplace, Company Pulse is able to give customers a foundation for designing the best and most productive work environment.

Note: Jan Kristian Karlsen is CEO of Company Pulse who were named a winner in the 2019 Confirmit ACE Awards. For the full list of winners, see our press release.