Six Ways an ACE Award Can Boost Your Business

Laura Button

Laura Button

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Six benefits of entering the Confirmit ACE Awards

The best thing about the ACE Awards? Celebrating our clients’ success! And we’re very excited about the celebrations that the 15th anniversary will bring. Of course, the most important thing is that our clients reap the benefits from the efforts they put into their award-winning submissions. With many clients entering the awards year after year, some might say the trophies (and celebratory cake) aren’t the only reason some winners get involved. What are the benefits? We tell all.

  • Create brand awareness

The ACE Awards can improve brand awareness and provide great PR opportunities. Winners have access to a marketing kit containing resources that allow you to raise brand awareness cost-effectively. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also be invited to take part in blogs, videos, webinars and of course, the ACE Award Showcase book.

  • Competitive strength

Being an award winner can help your company stand out from the crowd and create a competitive advantage. It reaffirms that you’re a successful company and a leader in your industry.

  • Earn your customers’ trust

Receiving an achievement in customer excellence is the ultimate validation that you recognize the value of listening to customers and then actually doing something to improve the experience with you. That can only reflect well on how your clients perceive your company, reassuring them that they’re making the right choice. Winning an award can also be encouraging for your future customers who always like to have their decisions validated.

  • Employee recognition

Winning an ACE Award is not only rewarding for the work your CX team does, but also people across the company who are responsible for implementing change and delivering an improved CX. Have a rising star in your team? The Professional of the Year category is a great opportunity to recognize your employee’s contribution.

  • Social buzz

It’s something to shout about. It’s an opportunity to tell the world how fabulous you are. Share it on your company’s social media channels, add it to your website, include it in your internal newsletters, text all your friends!

  • An excuse to celebrate!

Our favorite. Making it on to the list of winners is an opportunity for everyone involved to pause and appreciate their achievements which are too often left unnoticed, not to mention uncelebrated! Last year, one proud winner ordered 18 trophies to display in all corners of their many offices. Previous winners celebrate with cakes, Movie Day and lots of champagne. How will you celebrate yours?


Without a reason not to enter the ACE Awards, don’t miss out! The clock is ticking and who knows, perhaps that trophy has your name on it. Good luck.