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The Confirmit ACE Awards showcase some of the best Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee programs around. Still not sure about entering? Here are a few reasons to do it:

  1. Shout about your success! So many companies run feedback surveys now, but true Voice of the Customer programs that really drive business change and improve customer experiences are still something very special. The customer experience is critical to retaining customers and generating great work of mouth -  so make sure your customers know you’re listening and prove that you’re taking action by being recognized for it.
  2. Recognize your teams. Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident – they’re the result of hard work by people across your business. Use the Confirmit ACE Awards to recognize the teams that fuel these experiences, and your VoC program.
  3. Cement Executive Support. Buy-in from your executive team is critical to the success of a Voice of the Customer program. Winning an award that publicly proves what a great job you’re doing is a wonderful way to show the board that your program matters in the marketplace, and to make sure they remain supportive in the long term.
  4. Compete against the Best of the Best! As well as our standard ACE Awards, we have the Best Use of Feedback Awards which recognize the best businesses in 6 categories. Your standard ACE Award will prove you’re in an elite groups – winning one of these hotly contested categories will really set you apart!
  5. Stock your trophy cabinet! Whatever the serious business reasons for entering and winnings awards (and there are many), there’s something undeniably fabulous about having a trophy to put in pride of place in your office. And you’ll also be able to use the Confirmit ACE Awards logo on your website and marketing literature to prove that you’re a business that takes customer feedback seriously.

Check out last year’s winners to see the great company you’ll be in, and remember to review our FAQs to make sure you know all you need to know to produce a fantastic submission.

Time is running short – so submit your nomination today.


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