Unlocking Emotional Power through the Voice of the Customer

Have you mastered the power to connect, retain and grow customers? Do you aspire to create a customer experience that defies the average and ordinary and is viewed as exemplary and extraordinary? Do you want to lead a customer-centric movement in your organization that is admired?

More than VoC

Well, building this pathway does not reside in your Voice of the Customer alone. You have to bring your intelligence to the effort. Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to be exact. A wealth of Voice of the Customer data, when applied and actioned effectively will generate insights that help you deliver a compelling customer experience. And when you apply some Emotional Intelligence to that insight, you can create some serious culture change.

You can only deliver a customer experience that stands out when you are able to unlock the emotional power in the Voice of your Customer. And for that you need to make a paradigm shift with your Voice of the Customer strategy.

The rapidly emerging discipline

In the webinar, Unlocking Emotional Power through the Voice of the Customer Sarah Simon and I take you on a thought-provoking emotional roller-coaster into the rapidly emerging discipline of using Emotional Intelligence to dramatically improve the impact and effect of your Voice of the Customer program performance.

Studies indicate that Emotional Intelligence accounts for 15-45% of work success, whereas cognitive intelligence has shown low and insignificant correlations with performance in the workplace (Jae, J. H., 1997).

The brands winning in retaining and growing customers have already come to realize that Emotional Intelligence separates individual contributors into two very distinct categories; high and low performance. Therefore, as an organization they can perform higher when they improve their Emotional Intelligence. As an organization they can outperform their competition to retain and grow customers by improving their Emotional Intelligence skills. The customer experience is all about emotions, so using these skills will unlock greater power in their Voice of the Customer programs.

A new set of tools

To be successful with this new paradigm requires you to understand some of the limitations of the common tools in the CX practitioner’s toolkit. Tools such as journey mapping, personas, touchpoint maps, service blueprints, story boards and such are extremely valuable, but can deliver even greater value when you bring Emotional Intelligence skills and tools into your arsenal.

It’s a battle

Just read the headlines. Companies are going to compete only on customer experience in a few years. For many industries they are already headlong into this battle. Those leading Voice of the Customer programs and customer experience programs should not take shelter if they want to survive. This competition will only be won by the fit. And those with higher Emotional Intelligence are already the fittest of all. 

Emotional Power Toolkit

All attendees of the webinar Unlocking Emotional Power through the Voice of the Customer receive the opportunity to access new knowledge and tools (incl. a toolkit). It’s the opportunity to become one of the fittest in the battle for customers. To become one of the fittest in the battle for a better job.

Make no mistake, the Voice of the Customer is critical to CX success. But businesses really looking to succeed must increase their ability to unlock the emotional power (using Emotional Intelligence) of the Voice of the Customer so  they can become the leader of differentiating by the customer experience. 


Jim Rembach
By Jim Rembach

Jim Rembach is a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner that aids organizations in improving their emotional power. Jim is the Founder of Beyond Morale and is a founding member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s CX Expert Panel and Host of the Fast Leader Show podcast.


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