Turn Customer Data into Business Success: The Role of an Integrated VoC Program

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Author Bio

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Did you know that the average company uses at least eight channels to capture customer data? Unfortunately, Aberdeen Research shows that 85% of companies aren’t using that data effectively. 

Of course, that means that a few leading companies are getting it right. They do so by building integrated voice of the customer (VoC) programs that turn customer data into concrete actions. Their approach results in satisfied customers and a measurable increase in customer spend.
Watch this On-Demand webinar with Aberdeen Group’s Omer Minkara and Confirmit’s Stacey Nevel to learn:

  • The Key Elements of an Integrated VoC Program
  • How Top Performers Convert Customer Data into Actionable Insight
  • Best-in-Class Steps to Maximizing Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Real-life Success Stories


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