Transformational Change... Seriously?

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Author Bio

Transformational Change, a worthy goal indeed! 

But seriously, is it achievable? How do we as Customer Experience (CX) practitioners, help our organizations understand that a CX program CAN support transformational change, seriously!

So, what does it mean and how do you deliver on this promise, using feedback from customers, employees, and others as the catalyst for change?

Watch this webinar where Claire Sporton, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit, Jess Gill, Partner and Head of Growth CX, Growth Mantra and Maysoon El-Ahmad, Marketing, Insights and CX Consultant, Growth Mantra explained the key pillars of a successful CX program that will support transformational change and some top tips of making it a reality. They also illustrated these points through some tried and tested tips and examples to help you increase your chances of making a positive difference, and bring about long-lasting change in your organization.