Transformational Change…Seriously?

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Author Bio

“What is change?”

“How do you know when you’ve changed?”

“How will change impact the bottom line?”

These were some of the questions discussed during our event last week “Driving Transformational Change” which took place at the Bulgari hotel in London. As the name suggests, the focus of the day was on how to take the Voice of the Customer and use it to drive genuine change across an organization. We were lucky enough to have two of our customers speaking at the event who were able to highlight some of the ways in which they’ve been able to do just that.

First though, we kicked off with a presentation from our own Claire Sporton who teamed up with Alain Thys from FutureLab to describe ways in which businesses can align people and processes to support each other. Together, they highlighted the four elements that are required in order to do that; vision, design, engagement and action.

Vision is often simply too fluffy to achieve anything. Explaining that “cuddle a customer is not enough”, Alain highlighted that a vision must be more pragmatic and needs to be truly tangible. He and Claire then provided some great guidance on how to engage employees with a VoC program and drive action – a key area where businesses fail, either through getting lost in the detail or losing focus.

Then it was time to get on with some of the nuts and bolts of successful VoC programs. We heard from Andy Dingwall of Screwfix (a Confirmit ACE award winner, no less!) who talked about how the company has been able to introduce a new service model based on real data gathered by talking to customers. Not only have their CX metrics all improved, but much more importantly, the changes that the business has made have had a demonstrable improvement on the customer experience.

Next up was Paula McKillen from RS Components who explained how the company has used the 4 building blocks outlined by Alain and Claire to build a VoC program that is driving ownership of the customer experience at all levels. Explaining their success, Paula noted “The initiative has enabled the company to gather customer intelligence across multiple touchpoints and to identify and address the big issues for customers. It has also empowered employees to challenge conventional thinking to take the initiative to drive positive change.” To find out more about RS Components joining forces with Confirmit, view the press release here.

Finally it was time to head to the bar for the less formal part of the evening. As well as a great opportunity for participants to exchange best practices and pick our speakers’ brains a bit more, we were also celebrating Confirmit’s 20th anniversary. A few glasses were raised and I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all!