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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s annual Insurance Summit is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the customer experience (CX) calendar. This year saw the third incarnation of the event, and an agenda packed with CX experts from across the industry promised a fantastic day. And, because at Confirmit we never like people to be hungry, we were kicking off with lunch.

Once everyone was fed, we launched into our main agenda for the day with a focus on the role of emotion. We were lucky enough to have Kerry Bodine, a hugely respected, independent CX consultant presenting our first session, titled “Making Promises, Keeping Promises”. Kerry connected the hand, head and heart to organizations that align their promises with the people, processes, and technology behind every customer interaction. One of the areas she focused on which clearly resonated with everyone in the room, was Customer Journey Mapping and the importance of learning who the customer is and what they are saying and thinking. A key element of this is around ensuring that everybody in the business, even those who do not necessarily think of themselves as being connected to the customer, feel like they have a part to play.

To help build on the many examples that Kerry provided, we were then joined by Jim Katzman, Senior Director, Customer Experience at Asurion. Asurion has been working with Confirmit for a long time, and has been a winner of the Confirmit ACE Awards on several occasions. Jim discussed how Asurion treats escalated customer service events as a touchpoint for learning. He kicked off the presentation by recreating client emotions by taking cell phones away from the audience. The panic and fear that overcame those attendees demonstrated how clients feel when they contact Asurion. It was a simple but brilliant way of helping the audience engage with the customer experience and Jim went on to explain how their program was helping to identify and promote continuous improvement.

Our final formal session was a panel discussion, which as usual was a highlight of the day. It was moderated by one of our own CX experts, Stacey Nevel, and featured Coreen Gaffney of The Hanover Insurance Group, Kathryn Kubik from Prudential Insurance, Barbara R. Lincoln from Erie Insurance, and Gregory W. Smolan of Amica Mutual Insurance Company.


It’s always impossible to summarize these lively discussions in a few words, but they panel continued the day’s theme of emotion and the importance of measuring and managing customer emotions in the insurance industry. The session is probably best characterized by a wonderful quote from Gregory who stated simply “Emotion doesn’t just impact our business, it IS our business”.

We rounded things off by recognizing the companies in attendance who were winners of the 2016 Confirmit ACE Awards. Historically, insurance companies have always done well in the awards, and this year was no exception, with Asurion, Erie Insurance and The Hanover Insurance Group receiving the plaudits during the day. And that session eased us nicely back into the food and drink arena where we were able to raise a glass to Confirmit’s 20th anniversary.



Oh, and don’t worry – Jim gave the phones back again!

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